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PHY519 Applications of General Relativity

General Information

Lecturer: Prof. Philippe Jetzer

Adrian Boitier (Irchel, Y36 K32)

Michael Ebersold (Irchel, Y36 K32)



Exam: 30 min oral, date by arrangement


This course is offered as a continuation to the general relativity lecture (PHY 511) in self-study mode. Course material is mainly the Applications script which has references to the GR script from HS 19, as well as the 9 Exercise sheets and the reading of the paper about the first observation of gravitational waves.

In case of questions, feel free to drop an e-mail to one of the assistants.

Applications of General Relativity in Astrophysics and Cosmology (PDF, 769 KB)

General Relativity (HS 19) (PDF, 1 MB)

Please report any mistakes or typos to Michael.

Additional Material

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