Advanced Field Theory

Introduction to the course

The course treats several advanced topics in quantum field theory, a sound understanding of which is a necessary foundation for research in elementary particle physics, astroparticle physics and cosmology. It broadly covers chiral symmetry, anomalies in field theories, topological objects in field theory, and related topics.

Lectures notes and exercises

20 FEB Anomalous breaking of scale invariance notes exercises
27 FEB The chiral anomaly I notes exercises
6 MAR The chiral anomaly II notes exercises
13 MAR The chiral anomaly III notes exercises
20 MAR Chiral symmetry breaking notes exercises
27 MAR Pion decay notes exercises
3 APR Sigma model notes exercises
10 APR Effective field theories notes exercises
17 APR Chiral perturbation theory notes exercises
8 MAY Instantons notes exercises
15 MAY The U(1) problem, the strong CP problem and the axion notes exercises
22 MAY Instanton effects in the EW theory, sphalerons and baryogenesis notes exercises

Bibliography - references