Seminar in Solid State Physics

Wednesday 11:15

UZH Campus Irchel: Y36-J-33

Spring Semester 2019


Date Speaker Title Host
2019-02-13 Aris Alexandradinata The phase of magnetic quantum oscillations as a topological invariant, and a full symmetry classification of avoided Landau-level crossings Alexey Soluyanov

Fabian Natterer

 Scanning tunneling microscopy based single atom electron spin resonance  
2019-02-27 Takuto Kawakami

Spin 3/2 topological phases in antiperovskite materials  (DOCX, 85 KB)

2019-03-06 Daniel Destraz Experimental results on the predicted Weyl semimetal PrAlGe  

Hai Lin 

Explore new superconductors in layered transition metal chalcogenides by using topochemical reactions  
2019-03-13 Vardan Kaladzhyan Transport in Weyl nanowires Titus Neupert
2019-03-20 Philip Willmott X-radiation from fourth-generation storage rings Thomas Greber
2019-03-27 Katharina Franke Yu-Shiba-Rusinov States in Single Atoms and Molecules on Superconductors Titus Neupert
2019-04-03 Zbynek Novotny    

Kenny Choo


Manfred Fiebig

  Marta Gibert
2019-04-16 Ganesh Paul Majorana nanowire with unconventional superconductivity and RKKY interaction in Borophene (PDF, 44 KB) Titus Neupert
2019-04-17 Ulrich Aschauer Pressure and biaxial strain dependent properties of perovskite oxides and derived mixed-anion materials  
2019-05-08 Michael Scot Altman    Thomas Greber
2019-05-15 Christian Ruegg New Phases of Magnetic Quantum Matter Studied by Neutrons, Muons and Photons (PDF, 19 KB) Marta Gibert
2019-05-22 Eric Dufresne   Christof Aegerter
2019-05-29 Niels Schroeter   Alexey Soluyanov



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