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Experimental results on the predicted Weyl semimetal PrAlGe

Daniel Destraz (University of Zurich)

Topological materials have many interesting properties and are the focus of intense theoretical and experimental research. The material PrAlGe has recently been  predicted to be a Weyl semimetal with broken time reversal and inversion symmetries [1]. We present experimental results on various properties of PrAlGe single crystals such as magnetization, neutron diffraction, and electrical transport with a focus on the origin of the anomalous Hall effect. This data is compared to theoretical calculations involving the Berry curvature of the Weyl nodes in the system and interpreted in light of other recent measurements of topological meterials [2, 3].

[1] Guoqing Chang et al., Phys. Rev. B 97, 041104(R) (2018)
[2] Enke Liu et al., Nature Physics 14, 1125 (2018)
[3] Satoru Nakatsuji et al., Nature 527, 212 (2015)