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Pressure and biaxial strain dependent properties of perovskite oxides and derived mixed-anion materials

Ulrich Aschauer (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Bern)

Strain engineering of the structure and electronic properties of perovskite oxide materials has been used with great success over the last decades to induce novel material functionalities. In recent years strain was shown to also couple to the defect chemistry, the altered stoichiometry also affecting material properties and adding another tuning knob besides the established electric, magnetic and strain fields. Density functional theory calculations have been instrumental in predicting and understanding the complex interplay of these factors. In this talk I will briefly summarise our current understanding of strain-defect coupling and how it affects the properties of ferroic oxides. I will then highlight alternative strain-induced chemical changes in multivalent oxides before discussing strain engineering and the resulting optical properties of mixed anion perovskite oxynitrides and oxysulfides.