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Tag der offenen Tür 2023, 23. & 24. November

Ausstellung von Postern der Forschungsgruppen in der mechanischen Werkstatt und im Lichthof

Open Day

Gewinner des Poster Wettbewerbs

Condensed Matter

Condensed Matter

Studying the macroscopic and microscopic physical properties of matter

Poster in Condensed Matter Physics

7 Sharath Rameshbabu et al. Materials Science for Advancing X-ray Lasers Bleiner
8 Davide Bleiner Titel Plasma Physics for Advancing X-ray Lasers Bleiner
9 Julie Teerink, Silvan Huber Atomic Interactions Lab: Exploring the atomic world (PDF, 1 MB) Natterer
10  Julie Teerink et al. Scanning tunneling microscopy of atoms, molecules, and two dimensional quantum materials (undergrad projects) Natterer
11 Carolina Marques et al. Atomic Interactions Lab: Exploring the atomic world (PDF, 15 MB) Natterer
12 Julia Küspert et al. X-ray Diffraction meets AI (PDF, 15 MB) Chang
13 Julia Küspert et al. Art of Spectroscopy (PDF, 6 MB) Chang
14 Simon Flury et al. Magnetism in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems (PDF, 2 MB) Janoschek
15 Jonas Philippe In-house Development of Scientific Instrumentation (PDF, 1 MB) Janoschek
16 Tatiana Latychevskaia et al.
Topological States of Quantum Matter (PDF, 19 MB) Latychevskaia
17 Huanyao Cun Low Dimensional Systems (PDF, 24 MB) Greber
18 Zoltán Guba New paradigms for topological matter (PDF, 1 MB) Bzdusek
19 Martina Soldini et  al.   Inteacting (topological) quantum matter (PDF, 35 MB) Neupert
20 Bernhard Lüscher
 et al.
 Ordered Phases in Quantum Matter


Bio- & Medical Physics


Studying disordered and out-of-equilibrium systems and medical applications

Astro(particle) & Cosmology

Astroparticle & Cosmology

Search for Dark Matter and neutrinoless double ß decay and studies of gravitational waves and theoretical astrophysics

Particle Physics

Particle Physics

Understanding the building blocks of matter