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Physik-Institut Gravitation and Astrophysics

Gravitation and Astrophysics


Our research focuses on gravitational wave astronomy and tests of Albert Einstein's General Relativity (GR). Although, General Relativity is a very successful theory in explaining observations of the Universe both on the large scale and on the solar system scale, many open questions remain. Our theoretical and observational work investigates how to best detect deviations from general relativity with current and planned missions, which could serve as a motivation to formulate a general theory that unifies all fundamental forces of nature.

We are part of the physics institute of the University of Zurich UZH. Our offices are located on the Irchel campus in the building 36 on K floor.

In the short video below we present some aspects of our work.

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LIGO Scientific Collaboration

More about LIGO Scientific Collaboration

Our group is a member of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, which is focused on the direct detection of gravitational waves.



LISA is a large-scale space mission with the goal to observe gravitational waves in space.

Applications of General Relativity

Applications of General Relativity

More about Applications of General Relativity

Based on lecture notes of Prof. Philippe Jetzer