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Physik-Institut Max Zoller

Max Zoller

My research field is Theoretical Particle Physics, in particular precision calculations for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and other particle experiments.

The Standard Model of Particle Physics describes all observed phenomena within the current theoretical and experimental uncertainties. The explanation of some fundamental questions, however, are beyond the scope of the Standard Model, which can be considered the lower-energy limit of an extended model with new particles. Such particles, even if they elude direct detection at the LHC and other collider experiments, enter the scattering and decay processes of the known particles through quantum corrections, causing small deviations from the Standard Model. The observation of such tiny effects requires high precision both in theoretical predictions and experimental data for the widest possible range of particle processes.

My research group focuses on the development of new methods and automated tools for high-precision calculations as well as their application in theory predictions for collider observables. Such highly automated numerical tools play a key role in accessing a large number of interesting particle processes.