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Physik-Institut Group of Gino Isidori

Theory of Fundamental Interactions

The research activity of our group deals with some of the most interesting open questions about the nature of basic constituents of matter and their fundamental interactions. In particular, our recent research activity try to address the following three key open questions:

  • the origin elementary particle masses;
  • the possible unification of fundamental forces;
  • the origin of dark matter. 

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The ERC Advanced Grant FLAY
[Flavor Anomalies and the origin of the Yukawa couplings]



Group Picture in January 2020

Group picture  - November 2023

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Prof. Dr. Gino Isidori

Department of Physics

University of Zürich

Winterthurerstrasse 190

CH-8057 Zürich


+41 44 635 5751

+41 44 635 5781 (secretariat) 

Office: 36 J 82