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News 2023


  • Dectris Preis für Livio Redard-Jacot

    Livio  Redard-Jacot wurde mit dem  Dectris Prize 2023 für die beste experimentelle Masterarbeit am Physik-Institut ausgezeichnet:
    "Search for Radiation from Wave Function Collapse and Electric Field Characterization in XENONnT"

  • Soluyanov Preis für Mohammad Alminawi

     Mohammad Alminawi wurde mit dem Soluyanov Prize 2023  für die beste theoretische Masterarbeit am Physik-Institut ausgezeichnet:
    Composite Nambu-Goldstone Higgs Models

  • Tag der offenen Tür 2023, 23. & 24. November

    Ausstellung von Postern der Forschungsgruppen in der mechanischen Werkstatt und im Lichthof

  • A quantum computer requires exponentially fewer parameters to store a time-evolved quantum state

    The digital gate structure employed in quantum computations provides a solution to the challenge of coping with the exponentially increasing memory requirements for storing a quantum state during time evolution. These are now published in Physical Review Research.

  • Plenary talk by Huanyao Cun

    Huanyao Cun (group Greber) talks at the Graphene Week 2023 on Wafer-scale Single and Multilayer Hexagonal Boron Nitride on Transition Metals and SiO2

  • Symposium und Ausstellung zur Erinnerung an K. Alex Müller

    21. September 2023
    Aula der Universität Zürich (KOL-G-201)
    Rämistrasse 71, 8006 Zürich

  • Scientifica 2023, 2., 3. Sept., Was die Welt zusammenhält

    Das Physik-Institut beteiligt sich mit

    einer Physik Show, einem Stand über Dde Suche nach den Grundbausteinen des Universums  , Führung zu XENOSCOPE und einem astronomischen Theater

    Scientifica Website

  • Franz Waldner, 13. Februar 1928 - 27. Juni 2023

    Franz Waldner, emeritierter Professor für Experimentalphysik

    geboren am 13. Februar 1928, gestorben am 27. Juni 2023 im Alter von 95 Jahren

  • 2d topological crystalline superconductors can be built atom by atom.

    Two dimensional topological crystalline superconductivity has been predicted and experimentally observed in two-dimensional Shiba lattices: these research results are now published in Nature Physics.

  • Prof. Dr. Franz Waldner, 13. Februar 1928 - 27. Juni 2023

  • Publication of first observation of collider neutrinos by SND@LHC

    The observation paves the way for exploring new physics scenarios. Martina Ferrillo, a PhD student in the group of Nico Serra is one of the main proponents of the analysis - congratulations to her for this impressive result!

  • Congratulations to Marino Missiroli

    who has been elected as Trigger Coordinator of the CMS experiment

  • Nico Serra - Sinergia project approved

    The Sinergia project, co-led by Prof. Nico Serra, aims to explore synergies in data analysis by combining expertise from particle physics, healthcare, and mathematics. Working alongside Prof. Milo Puhan (Epidemiology, UZH), Prof. Alessio Figalli (Mathematics, ETHZ), and Prof. Andrea Burden (Pharmacology ETHZ), the team focuses on causal machine learning applied to high-dimensional problems. The primary objective is to address multimorbidity by leveraging advanced data analysis techniques from these diverse disciplines, ultimately fostering innovative solutions in healthcare.

  • Congratulations to Adinda de Wit

    for winning the highly prestigious Guido Altarelli award "for outstanding achievements in understanding the nature of the Higgs boson, including precision studies of the quark couplings and decay channels"

  • Graphene with a twist: Kekulé spiral

    Researchers at Princeton University have experimentally observed the Kekulé spiral state in graphene as predicted by a collaboration of researchers from Zurich (group Neupert), Oxford and Berkeley.

  • The Standard Model effective field theory at work

    A team of UZH physicists from three different generations, Daniel Wyler, Gino Isidori, and Felix Wilsch, have published a comprehensive review of the Standard Model of particle physics viewed as an Effective Field Theory.

  • Erste Ergebnisse der WIMP-Suche mit XENONnT

    Die XENON-Kollaboration präsentierte neue Ergebnisse von XENONnT. Dank fünffach niedrigerem Untergrund hat XENONnT neue Grenzen für die Wechselwirkung von WIMPs mit gewöhnlicher Materie gesetzt.

  • First observation of collider neutrinos by FASER and SND@LHC

    The two experiments report the first observation of neutrinos at the LHC which paves the way for exploring new physics scenarios. The group of Nico Serra crucially contributed to the detector and the analysis - congratulation!

  • Quantum sensors boosted by high-temperature superconductors

    Using high-temperature superconducting nanowires, single-photon detectors can now be operated at elevated temperatures, making them more useful for a wide range of applications.

  • SNF Consolidator Grant for Titus Neupert

    Congratulations to Titus Neupert for getting an SNF Consolidator Grant for Interacting Topological Quantum Chemistry

  • Theory meets Experiment: The Top-Higgs connection

    Theoretical particle physicists from the group Grazzini have completed a new precision calculation for the production of the Higgs boson in association with a top-antitop quark pair at hadron colliders

  • Xenoscope

    Zusammenbau des DARWIN Demonstrators Xenoscope in der Montagehalle

  • In memoriam Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. K. Alex Müller

    Nobelpreis in Physik 1987


    Geboren am 20.04.1927 in Basel, Schweiz, verstorben am 09.01.2023 in Zollikerberg, Schweiz