Correlated Quantum Matter Group


Our research program is centered on genuine quantum phenomena in bulk materials that arise due to collective electronic behavior. These electronic correlations strongly couple spin, charge and lattice degrees of freedom resulting in emergent and rich low-energy physics. We study so-called quantum materials where such collective quantum phenomena at the atomic-scale are borne out in functional macroscopic properties that often hold promise for future applications, ranging from power management and transmission, to platforms for quantum computation, to novel versatile sensors and electronics.  We are particularly interested in understanding how tuning of the underlying quantum interactions via external control parameters (pressure, field, strain, crystal chemistry) may be used to control and optimize the properties of quantum materials. For this purpose, we probe quantum matter with state-of-the-art spectroscopy at large-scale neutron, photon and muon facilities.


A short video describing our research can be found here.


Our research group is jointly funded by the University of Zurich and the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and is based at the Laboratory for Neutron and Muon Instrumentation (LIN).