Experimental Particle Physics

Prof. Ben Kilminster studies the forces and constituent particles of nature. He has helped discover the Higgs boson1, 2, the particle which gives mass to fundamental matter particles. He has studied the interactions of the top quark, the heaviest fundamental particle known to exist, and is searching for dark matter, unknown particles that account for 85% of the matter in the universe. His research involves both high energy particle colliders with gigantic detectors that measure the enormous signals of newly produced heavy particles, as well as the use of tiny detectors, located deep underground to search for the signals of dark matter particles traversing through the galaxy earth and interacting very rarely with matter. His group's research is mainly on the CMS experiment at CERN, and the DAMICexperiment at SNOLAB. He has also been a long-time member of the CDFexperiment at Fermilab.