We focus on 3 areas of research:

  1. Radiotherapy treatment planning: We conduct research on mathematical optimization methods for radiotherapy planning to further improve treatment planning systems. This includes both X-ray therapy as well as proton therapy.
  2. Target delineation and outcome prediction: Here, we focus on quantitative analysis of medical images such as MRI, CT and PET, with the goal of precisely defining the region to be irradiated and predicting the patient's response to treatment.
  3. Adaptive radiotherapy: We further develop state-of-the-art systems to correct for motion of the tumor. Our department is the first in Switzerland to install a MRI-Linac, a combination of MRI scanner and radiotherapy device. In addition, we work on methods to compensate for tumor motion using counter-motion of the treatment table.

A selection of ongoing research projects is described below. Feel free to get in touch if you have questions.