PHY471 - Physics and Mathematics of Radiotherapy Planning

The course specializes on the mathematical and physical foundations of treatment planning for radiotherapy. The main topics are interactions of protons and photons in tissue, dose calculation algorithms, and mathematical optimization for intensity-modulated radiotherapy planning. In addition, selected other topics related to treatment planning will be discussed including image registration, target volume definition, and fractionation. During the exercises, students will implement the main components of a radiotherapy treatment planning system in 2D in Matlab.

Medical physics seminar at USZ

The medical physics seminar at the University Hospital (USZ) takes place approximately every two weeks on Wednesday (14:00-15:00). Please contact Jan Unkelbach to obtain the current program (in case the one below is outdated).

Program for Q1 2019 (PDF, 30 KB)

Program for Q2 2019 (PDF, 30 KB)

Program for Q4 2019 (PDF, 59 KB)

Program for Q1 2020 (PDF, 58 KB)