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Physik-Institut Group of Jan Unkelbach

Master thesis projects

We offer projects for master theses, bachelor theses, and semester projects related to the research topics we work on. Master and bachelor theses are usually part of a larger research project. Since research projects develop over time, we typically define theses topics on inquiry, considering the current state of project. If you are interested in working with us, please feel free to get in touch and we are happy to suggest possible thesis projects.

Here are two projects related to medical image analysis and machine learning that we currently offer:

Novel biomarkers in cancer MRI: tumor-affected functional brain regions and resulting structural deformations (PDF, 81 KB). (Bachelor thesis)

Development of Deep Learning Methods for Medical Imaging Synthesis and Image Characterisation (PDF, 78 KB) (Master thesis)

In addition, we have a project related to dosimetry for electron FLASH radiotherapy:

Detector characterization in a 16 MeV electron flash beam (PDF, 119 KB) (Master thesis)