Preliminary Programme

Day Time Talk / Activity Speakers
Afternoon   ARRIVAL  
Evening 17:00 Welcome Reception  
  19:00 Dinner at "SALA LUCE"  
Morning   Chair: Elena Aprile  
  9:00 Discovering Dark Matter Subir Sarkar
  9:45 Maverick Dark Matter and Non-SUSY new physics Searches Rocky Kolb
  10:30 Coffee Break  
  10:50 CSF Welcome Address and Video Chiara Cometta
  11:00 Dark Matter Substructures Wyn Evans
  11:45 Results from Planck Andrew Jaffe
Lunch 12:30    
Afternoon   Chair: Roberto Trotta  
  14:00 Results from the LHC: ATLAS Sascha Caron
14:30 Results from the LHC: CMS Alex Tapper
15:00 Local Determinations of DM Konrad Kuijken
15:45 DM Numerical Simulations Andrea Maccio
  16:30 Coffee Break  
17:00 Contributed Talks -
  Theory Session 1
  Improving the Effective Mass (15'+5') Maria Eugenia Cabrera
  Constraints on Dark Matter and SUSY from LHC and Direct Detection Experiments (15'+5') Charlotte Strege
  AstroFit and Fittino: Results for the CMSSM Fit (15'+5') Nelly Nguyen
  Asymmetric Dark Matter Models and signatures (15'+5') Mads Toudal Frandsen
Evening 19:00 Dinner  
Morning   Chair: Subir Sarkar  
  9:00 Direct Detection: Noble Liquids Detectors Nigel Smith
  9:30 Direct Detection: Millikelvin Detectors for Dark Matter and other Rare Event Searches Enectali Figueroa-Feliciano
  10:00 Direct Detection: Astrophysical Uncertainties Neal Weiner
  10:45 Coffee Break  
11:15 Contributed Talks -
  Direct Detection Session 1
Future Prospects for the Large Underground Xenon (LUX) Detector (15'+5') Blair Edwards
The DEAP-3600 experiment at SNOLAB (15'+5') Simon Peeters
The XENON Programme (15'+5') Teresa Marrodan Undagoitia
Lunch 12:30    
Afternoon   Chair: Filip Moortgat  
  14:30 Contributed Talks -
  Direct Detection Session 2
Worried by Astrophysical Uncertainties? New Methods to Compare Experiments (15'+5') Christopher McCabe
Monojets Limits and Direct Detection (15'+5') Felix Kahlhoefer
Direct Detection: Present and Future - Roundtable Discussion  
Conference Picture  
  16:00 Coffee Break  
Evening 19:00 Dinner  
Morning   Chair: Andrew Jaffe  
9:00 New results from the XENON100 experiment Elena Aprile
  9:45 Global Fits - Frequentist Oliver Buchmüller
  10:15 Global Fits - Bayesian Roberto Ruiz de Austri / Roberto Trotta
  10:45 Coffee Break  
  11:15 Statistical Issues in Searches Roger Barlow
  11:45 Sketching Dark Particles Tim Tait
Lunch 12:30    
Afternoon   FREE  
Evening 19:00 Conference Dinner - BBQ  
Morning   Chair: Laura Baudis  
  9:00 Astrophysical Modeling Louis Strigari
  9:45 DM searches with Fermi Simona Murgia
  10:30 Coffee Break  
  11:00 Indirect detection with neutrinos Francis Halzen
  11:45 Dark matter searches in anti-matter Philipp Mertsch
Lunch 12:30    
Afternoon   Chair: Rocky Kolb  
  15:00 Contributed Talks -
  Indirect Detection
Energy-Dependent Likelihood: an Optimized Method for Indirect Dark Matter Searches (15'+5') Jelena Aleksic
Dark Matter spectral features in gamma rays (15'+5') Francesca Calore
Dark Matter and fundamental physics searches with the Cherenkov Telescope array (20'+5') Michele Doro
Hunting Dark Matter at galactic and extra-galactic scales (15'+5') Carmelo Evoli
  16:30 Coffee Break  
  17:00 Evidence for 130 GeV gamma-ray line emission from the Fermi LAT data (15'+5') Andi Hektor
  Searching for neutrinos from Dark Matter annihilation in the Earth with the IceCube detector (15'+5') Jan Kunnen
  Search for Secluded Dark Matter with the IceCube Neutrino Telescope (15'+5') Jon Miller
  Indirect search for dark matter with ANTARES (15'+5') Ziad Charif
Evening 19:00 Dinner  
Morning   Chair: Tim Tait  
  09:00 Contributed Talks -
  Theory Session 2
  The dark matter attractor: origin and implications (20'+5') Steen Hansen
  A new measurement of the local dark matter density from the kinematics of K-dwarfs (15'+5') Silvia Garbari
  Long range forces in direct dark matter searchesi (15'+5') Paolo Panci
  Characterization of Dark-Matter-induced anisotropies in the diffuse gamma-ray background (15'+5') Mattia Fornasa
  10:30 Award of the CSF Prize for the best talk of a young researcher  
  10:40 Coffee Break  
    Roadmap - Panel Discussion  
Afternoon   Departure  

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