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Compulsory and core elective Modules, 3rd to 6th semester

In the second year, students take Physics III and IV, which provide a phenomenological introduction to Quantum Mechanics and the theory of relativity. Students are also introduced to theoretical physics. In addition, students study more Mathematics and a few practical topics of their choice.

  • BSc180:  one core elective block (CB). Students in BSc180 must get at least 10 ECTS from this block
  • BSc150:  two core elective block (CB1, CB2). Students must complete at least two modules in CB1 (min 9 ECTS) and one in CB2 (pro-seminar).
  • BSc120: two core elective blocks (CB1 and CB2). Students must complete three modules in CB1 (min 18  ECTS) and one in CB2 (pro-seminar).
CM: Compulsory Modules, CB, CB1, CB2: Core Elective Modules



  • PHY113: half day

  • The experimental modules include lab experiments, which are conducted during intensive courses in the lecture-free period (PHY131, PHY213) or 1.5 days
    in the semester (PHY210, PHY211). Students set up experiments, obtain measurements and analyze data. The ability of students to analyze data and calculate error, taught in PHY231, and in the lab courses, is assumed. Students finally complete a written lab report.

  • Students, who are minoring in Mathematics, can substitute PHY312 and PHY322 with different lectures in Mathematics. We especially recommend Complex Analysis.

  • In the experimentally and the theoretically focused pro-seminars, each student is required to hold a presentation.

Study guide

The  Guide to Physics Studies provides comprehensive information about the Bachelor's and Master's programs.