Bachelor's degree programme

The Bachelor's programme in the Physics major lasts 6 semesters and leads to the "Bachelor of Science UZH in Physics" (BSc).

The Bachelor's programme is available in three variants:
- as a mono-subject: 180 KP in the major subject physics
- with minor subject: 150 ECTS in the physics major, 30 ECTS in the minor programme
- with a major subsidiary subject: 120 ECTS in the physics major, 60 ECTS in the minor programme.

The Bachelor's programme consists of a number of study modules (a module is e.g. a lecture with exercises). When you have successfully completed a module, you receive a certain number of credit points. The modules are examined immediately after they have been completed.

Study guide

The study guide  provides comprehensive information on the Bachelor's and Master's programmes. It is also available in printed form from the study advisors and the secretariats.

Study regulations

The study regulations of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences are the regulations on which the Bachelor's and Master's programmes are based.

Course catalogue

The course catalogue contains important information on the individual courses. In particular, the conditions for obtaining credit points are listed there.

Modules and examinations

At the beginning of each semester you have to register for all the modules you want to attend. You will find the link to do so on the homepage of the University of Zurich.
Important: if you register for a module you also register automatically for the module exam. If you do not wish to take the exam, e.g. because you do not attend the module after all, you must deregister from the module by the middle of the semester. If you do not deregister and do not appear for the examination, the module will be deemed to have been failed.

Note: you are only allowed to take an exam twice,