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Seminar in Physics

Thursday afternoon

UZH Y36 K08 - Irchel Campus

FV : afterwards Fakultätsversammlung


Autumn Semester 2018


Date Time Title Speaker Host FV
03.09.2018 (Montag) 15:00 Creating Engaging Cognitive Experiments by Modulating Immersion Using Magic and Virtual Reality (Mastervortrag) Arthur Nguyen Kiper  
06.09.2018 16:00 Creating Mock Galaxy Catalogues From Dark Matter Simulations (Mastervortrag) Mladen Ivkovic Teyssier  
12.09.2018 (Mittwoch) 10:00 Electroviscous effect on diffusion of particles in nanofluidic slit-channels (Bachelorvortrag) Julia Stark Krishnan  
  14:30 A model for Moon formation around giant planets formed by gravitational instability (Bachelorvortrag) Philipp Inderbitzi Mayer  
13.09.2018 14:00 Analysis of defective points in non-Hermitian system, realized by a topolectrical circuit (Bachelorvortrag) Simon Flury Neupert  
  15:00 Supermassive Black Hole Dynamics and Feedback Across Cosmic Scales (Promotionsvortrag) Pawel Biernacki Teyssier  
  17:00 Crystal Symmetry Detection by Machine Learning (Bachelorvortrag) Pascal Marc Vecsei Neupert  
20.09.2018 14:00 Using a feed-forward neural network to identify Drell-Yan events at the LHCb experiment (Bachelorvortrag) Thomas Neuer Serra  
  15:00 Fermi Surface Reconstruction of Ca3Ru2O7 Probed by Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy (Bachelorvortrag) Anar Bold Chang  
  16:00 Direct Dark Matter Search with XENON1T and Developments for Multi-Ton Liquid Xenon Detectors (Promotionsvortrag) Julien Wulf Baudis  
04.10.2018 14:45
Surface and Electronic Properties of (Co-Pyr@)Cu2O(111) and Co-Pyr@TiO2(110) (Mastervortrag)
Fabio Cossalter
Osterwalder X


11:00 Focusing and scanning light through entirely turbid media (Mastervortrag) Subas Scheibler Aegerter  
  16:00 Polarimetric measurements to probe multiply scattering systems / soft matter: whereto? (Seminar) H. Günhan Akarçay (Uni Bern) Aegerter  
01.11.2018 15:00 Charge Order in Ir1-xPtxTe2 and High-Energy Magnetic Excitations in La2-xSrxCuO4 (Promotionsvortrag) Oleh Ivashko Chang  
08.11.2018         X


15:00 Performance studies of the upgrade pixel detectors at the CMS experiment (Mastervortrag) Magnus Gienal Canelli  
  16:30 Microscopy behind turbid media (Promotionsvortrag) Archana Malavalli Aegerter  
04.12.2018 (Dienstag) 14:00 Giant Planet Formation and Evolution (Mastervortrag) Simon Müller Helled  
06.12.2018         X
13.12.2018 16:00 TBA (Promotionsvortrag) Camilla Galloni Kilminster  


09:30 Generation of Extreme Mass Ratio Inspirals (EMRIs) in Massive Star-Forming Clumps at z=2 (Mastervortrag) Boris Pestoni Mayer  


11:00 Direct and Indirect Searches for New Physics in b->sll Decays (Promotionsvortrag) Andrea Mauri Serra  

A step towards time- and angle-resolved two-photon photoemission spectroscopy of Pentacene on TiO2(110) (Mastervortrag)

Daniel Schachtler Castiglioni  
  16:30 Building Centimeter Sized Heterostacks of 2D Materials: Growth, Transfer and Characterisation (Promotionsvortrag) Carlo Bernard Greber  
31.01.2019 13:30

Earth as an Exoplanet: Deriving Spectral Energy Distributions for Desert, Ice and Ocean Planets with Earth-like Atmospheres from MODIS Data and Showing Evidence of Planetary Obliquity in Mid-IR Observations of Earth (Mastervortrag)

Jean-Noël Mettler Helled  
  15:00 Quantum machine learning on the IBM quantum computer (Bachelor Vortrag) Ruben Beynon Neupert  
  16:00 Thermal oxidation of Ru(0001) and Ir(001) with applications towards electrocatalytic oxidation of water (Mastervortrag) Benjamin Tobler Osterwalder  

Koordination: Gabi Savill