Seminar in Physics

Thursday afternoon

UZH Y36 K08 - Irchel Campus

FV : afterwards Fakultätsversammlung

Spring Semester 2019


Date Time Title Speaker Host FV


13:30 Improvement of Photodynamic Therapy by Feedback-Based Wavefront Shaping (master defense) Till Stöckli Aegerter  

Superconductivity in thin films of
the High Entropy Alloy
(TaNb)x(HfZrTi)1−x (bachelor defense)

Natascha Winter Schilling  
  16:00 Electronic structure and geometry of the fused D/A-complex TTF-PYZ2 on Ag(110) and TiO2(110) (master defense) Patrick Kretz Castiglioni/ Osterwalder  
21.02.2019 16:00 Structural and Magnetic Properties of the Spin-Dimer Compound Ba3-xSrxCr2O8 (PhD defense) Alsu Gazizulina Schilling  
28.02.2019 15:00

Removing Domain Boundaries in La2CuO4, Ca3Ru2O7 and YBa2Cu3O(7-x) using a Thermo-Mechanical Detwinning Device

(Bachelor defense)
Simon Jöhr Chang  
07.03.2019 15:00

Track reconstruction classifier with an RNN at LHCb (Bachelor defense)

Hannes Imboden Serra X
14.03.2019 16:00 A Novel Multidimensional Search for Diboson Resonances in the Boosted Dijet Final State and Encoding Jet Substructure with a Deep Neural Network (PhD defense) Thea Årrestad Kilminster  
21.03.2019 15:00 Phase space structure of the solar neighborhood with Gaia Radial velocity survey (Bachelor defense) Oliver Zbinden Saha  
  16:00 Synchrotron Diffraction Study of Nanostructures Nucleating in Solutions  (PhD defense) Ahmed Mohammed Chang  
28.03.2019 16:00

Strong electron correlations in the ruthenates (PhD defense)

Denys Sutter Chang  
11.04.2019 14:45 The Effective Ellipse as an Analytic Approach to the post-newtonian dynamics of black hole inspirals with arbitrary mass ratio (master defense) Lorenz Zwick Mayer X
25.04.2019 15:00
Electronic transport experiments in InAs/GaSb quantum wells  (master defense)
Michele Masseroni
23.05.2019         X
07.06.2019 (Freitag) 16:00 TBA (PhD defense) Yannick Boetzel Jetzer  


Koordination: Gabi Savill