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Seminar in Physics

Thursday afternoon

UZH Y36 K08 - Irchel Campus

FV : afterwards Fakultätsversammlung

Autumn Semester 2016


Date Time Title Speaker Host FV
04.08.2016 15:00 Thermoluminescent dosimetry of patient surface dose in radiotherapy and comparison to an analytical model Subas Scheibler Schneider  
18.08.2016 15:00 Motion Correction for Ultrahigh Field MRI using a Field Monitoring System (Mastervortrag) Laura Bischoff Schneider / Bowtell  
01.09.2016 15:00 Aufbau eines Raman-Spektrometers zur Charakterisierung von Graphen (Bachelorvortrag) Hubert Nussbaumer Fink  
08.09.2016 15:00 GASOLENGA – Implementing SPH collisions within planetary N-Body simulations (Bachelorvortrag) Matthäus Heer Stadel  
15.09.2016 15:00 Herstellung möglichst perfekter Kupferfilme für Graphen-Wachstum und Untersuchung des Einflusses von Annealing auf deren Oberflächenstruktur (Bachelorvortrag) Laura Stucki Fink  
22.09.2016 16:00 Low Mass WIMP Detection with CCDs (Promotionsvortrag) Junhui Liao Kilminster  
17:30 Four Novel Electron Point Source Applications (Promotionsvortrag) Flavio Wicki Fink  
29.09.2016 15:00 Electronic Level-Alignment and Band-Bending Effects in a Cobalt-Pyrphyrin/Cu2O(111) Heterojunction for a Photocatalytic Water Reduction Cathode (Bachelorvortrag) Oliver Shah Osterwalder  
16:00 Nanotemplates and Conformations of Tri-Metal Endofullerenes on Surfaces (Promotionsvortrag) Roland Stania Greber  
17:30 Regularization-scheme dependence of QCD amplitudes (Promotionsvortrag) Andrea Visconti Signer  
06.10.2016 15:00 Bifold insulating energy scales in the
Mott-insulator Ca 2 RuO 4
Denys Sutter Chang  
16:00 Bending light on demand (Habilitationsvortrag) Dr. Tatiana Latychevkaia Schilling
20.10.2016 16:00 Precise Predictions for Top-quark Pair Production in Association with
Multiple Jets (Promotionsvortrag)
Niccolò Moretti Pozzorini  
03.11.2016 17:00 Scintillating Fiber Detector for the Mu3e Experiment (Promotionsvortrag) Roman Gredig Straumann  
17.11.2016 15:00 Präsentation zu BSc- und Masterarbeiten Diverse    
24.11.2016 15:30 Topics in non-perturbative quantum field theory (Promotionsvortrag) Peter Lowdon Gehrmann  
  17:00 Probing gravity laws in the solar system: from Cassini to BepiColombo Luciano Iess (Università La Sapienzia) Helled  
01.12.2016 16:00 Hydrodynamic analysis of swimming zebrafish in the context of fin regeneration (Mastervortrag) Ronny Rüttimann Aegerter  
08.12.2016 15:00 Scatter in Radiotherapy with Photon Energies of 6MeV: Measurement and Modeling (Mastervortrag) Philippe Hasler Schneider  
  16:00 Testing of the Readout Chain and Data Acquisition of the CMS Pixel Upgrade Detector System (Bachelorarbeit) Benno Neuenschwander Kilminster  
15.12.2016 15:00 Photomultiplier Tubes for the XENON1T Dark Matter Experiment and Studies on the XENON100 Electromagnetic Background (Promotionsvortrag) Daniel Mayani Paras Baudis
  15:00 (room Y21-D-68a) Fragmentation of Massive Galactic Disks at High Redshift and the Nature
of Star Forming Clumps (Promotionsvortrag)
Valentina Tamburello Mayer  
22.12.2016 15:00 Preparation and Characterization of (Co)Pyr/TiO2(110) for a Synchrotron Beamtime (Bachelorvortrag) Karin von Arx Osterwalder  
26.01.2017 15:00 Search for Dark Matter in Association with Top Quarks with the CMS Detector (Promotionsvortrag) Deborah Pinna Canelli  
  17:00 Upstream Tracking and the Decay $B^{0} \to K^{+}\pi^{-}\mu^{+}\mu^{-}$ at the LHCb Experiment (Promotionsvortrag) Espen Bowen Straumann  

Coordination: Simone von Burg Black


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