Seminar in Physics

Thursday afternoon

UZH Y36 K08 - Irchel Campus

FV : afterwards Fakultätsversammlung

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Spring Semester 2021


Date Time Title Speaker Host FV
04.02.2021 15:00 Energy Calibration for the GERDA and LEGEND-200 Experiments (PhD Defense) Chloe Ransom Baudis  
11.02.2021 15:00 Thermodynamics of ultra-small hydrogen bond clusters (Master Defense) Christoph Dombrowsky Saha  
18.02.2021 14:00

Beyond Hertzsprung-Russell
A New Three Dimensional Diagram Including Temperature, Mass, and Radius (Master Defense)

Oliver Zbinden Saha  
  15:00 Spectroscopy of Surface Spin Systems with Scanning Probe Microscopy (Master Defense) Lorena Niggli Natterer  
  16:30 Two Aspects of Crystalline Topological Matter Fractional Corner Charges with Fourfold Rotational Symmetry and Symmetry Indicator Invariants for Non-Hermitian Topological Materials  (Master Defense) Pascal Vecsei Neupert  
19.02.2021 9:30 Mass accretion history and halo-mass bias study at high redshift (Master Defense) Zhongnan Cai Schneider  
25.02.2021 15:00 Surface Preparation and Spectroscopic Characterisation of Fe3O4(001) Surfaces (Bachelor Defense) Monika Molnar Osterwalder  
04.03.2021 16:00 Characterizing fractional quantum Hall states in lattice models (Master Defense) Madhav Mohan Neupert  
11.03.2021 14:00 Validation of beam source models for Monte Carlo simulations in radiotherapy built by a Generative Adversarial Network (Bachelor Defense) Janic Weber Schneider  
  15:00 The Out-of-Distribution Detection Blindspot of Unsupervised Lesion Detection (Master Defense) Matthäus Heer Unkelbach  
  16:30 Observation and measurement of myosin waves frequency during midgut closure in Drosophila embryos (Bachelor Defense)
Severin Nägeli
18.03.2021         X
25.03.2021 16:00 Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy on Liquids (PhD Defense) Samuel Menzi Osterwalder  
08.04.2021 16:00 Combined Proton-Photon Radiotherapy (PhD Defense) Silvia Fabiano Unkelbach  
22.04.2021 15:00 The Impact of Supermassive Black Holes on Galaxy Morphology (Bachelor Defense) Mila Lüscher Teyssier X
06.05.2021 15:00 TBA (Bachelor Defense) Stefanie Jucker Gibert  
  16:00 Metal Additive Manufacturing – Microstructure and Leak Properties (Bachelor Defense) Annabella Drewanowsk Chang  
03.06.2021         X
01.07.2021 16:00 Testing the Standard Model Lepton Symmetries in Collider and Fixed-Target Experiment (PhD Defense) Iaroslava Bezshyiko Serra  


Coordination: Anna Troller