Topics for Bachelor and Master Theses

A list of suggested topics for bachelor theses can be found  here. We also recommend to ask directly in the research groups.

Information sheets and forms for Bachelor and Master theses

list of master theses completed since 2006, with links to the pdf files

The next event for the presentation of possible master and bachelor theses is scheduled for Novemver 25 2021

Videos of the Research Groups

Condensed Matter

Condensed Matter
Studying the macroscopic and microscopic physical properties of matter

Particle Physics

Particle Physics
Understanding the building blocks of matter

Astroparticle & Cosmology

Astro(particle) & Cosmology
Search for Dark Matter and neutrinoless double ß decay and studies of gravitational waves and theoretical astrophysics


Bio- & Medical Physics
Studying disordered and out-of-equilibrium systems and medical applications

Program for Bachelor-Master Event

November 19, 2020: Recording
  • 15.00 Christof Aegerter: general introduction
  • 15.05 Johan Chang: hard condensed matter representing Chang, Schilling, Gibert
  • 15.20 Titus Neupert: condensed matter theory
  • 15.25 Fabian Natterer: surface physics representing: Natterer, Osterwalder, Greber
  • 15.35 Jan Unkelbach: soft matter and bio/medical physics representing: Unkelbach, Aegerter, Schuler, Latychevskaya 
  • 15.50 Videos summary
  • 16.00 Break
  • 16.15 Laura Baudis: astro-particle experiment representing: Baudis, Kliminster
  • 16.25 Philippe Jetzer: gravitation and astrophysics theory
  • 16.30 Prasenjit Saha: astrophysics, cosmology and computational science  representing: ICS
  • 16.45 Lea Caminanda: accelerator based particle physics representing: Caminanda, Canelli, Kliminster, Serra
  • 17.00 Gino Isidori: theoretical particle physics representing: Gehrmann, Grazzini, Crivellin, Isidori, Pozzorini, Signer
  • 17.15 closing