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Program for Bachelor-Master Event

November 19, 2020: Recording
  • 15.00 Christof Aegerter: general introduction
  • 15.05 Johan Chang: hard condensed matter representing Chang, Schilling, Gibert
  • 15.20 Titus Neupert: condensed matter theory
  • 15.25 Fabian Natterer: surface physics representing: Natterer, Osterwalder, Greber
  • 15.35 Jan Unkelbach: soft matter and bio/medical physics representing: Unkelbach, Aegerter, Schuler, Latychevskaya 
  • 15.50 Videos summary
  • 16.00 Break
  • 16.15 Laura Baudis: astro-particle experiment representing: Baudis, Kliminster
  • 16.25 Philippe Jetzer: gravitation and astrophysics theory
  • 16.30 Prasenjit Saha: astrophysics, cosmology and computational science  representing: ICS
  • 16.45 Lea Caminanda: accelerator based particle physics representing: Caminanda, Canelli, Kliminster, Serra
  • 17.00 Gino Isidori: theoretical particle physics representing: Gehrmann, Grazzini, Crivellin, Isidori, Pozzorini, Signer
  • 17.15 closing


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