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Dectris UZH Prize

DECTRIS Awards the Best Master's Thesis in Experimental Physics with 1000 CHF
­The nomination is automated through excellent performance at the master defence - and the committee composed of two professors of the Physics Department and two physicists from DECTRIS is judging the written thesis

The judging criteria are clarity, command of the topic, methods and techniques, contribution to scientific knowledge, readability, and quality of the presentation

Awardees of the Dectris Prize

  • 2023: Livio Redard-Jacot: Search for Radiation from Wave Function Collapse and Electric Field Characterization in XENONnT
  • 2022: Jens Oppliger:  Sparse sampling for fast quasiparticle interference mapping using a scanning tunneling microscope and Deep learning based denoising of low counting statistics X-ray diffraction data
  • 2021: Vera Hiu-Sze Wu: Low Energy Calibration for GERDA and Characterization of Wavelength-shifters and Reflectors
  • 2019: Karin von Arx: Discovery of a Collective Orbital Excitation in Ca3Ru2O7
  • 2018: Chris Marentini: Characterization of Novel VUV-Silicon Photomultipliers and their Application in Xenon-Based Dual-Phase TPCs


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2022: Jens Oppliger

2021, Vera Hiu-Sze Wu

2021: Vera Hiu-Sze Wu

2019: Karin von Arx

2019: Karin von Arx

2018: Chris Marentini

2018: Chris Marentini