Seminar in Theoretical Particle Physics

Tuesday 11:15

UZH Y16 G05 - Campus Irchel

Autumn Semester 2017


Date Speaker Title Slides
19.09.2017 Raoul Röntsch (Karlsruhe U.) A Guided Tour through an NNLO Subtraction Scheme


26.09.2017 Marco Nardecchia (CERN) UV aspects of B-physics anomalies PDF (PDF, 16 MB)
03.10.2017 NO SEMINAR    
10.10.2017 Wojciech Bizon (Oxford) NNLO+PS Matching using MiNLO: overview and recent developments PDF (PDF, 11 MB)
17.10.2017 Rodrigo Alonso (CERN) The renormalisation of Higgs effective field theory PDF (PDF, 4 MB)
24.10.2017 NO SEMINAR    
31.10.2017 Alfredo Urbano (CERN) Gravity and the explicit breaking of global symmetries: from theoretical aspects to phenomenological applications PDF (PDF, 11 MB)
07.11.2017 Georgios Papathanasiou (DESY) PDF (PDF, 2 MB)
14.11.2017 Gudrun Heinrich (MPP) Numerical methods and applications to two-loop calculations PDF (PDF, 8 MB)
21.11.2017 Alessandro Vicini (U. Milano) Precision EW measurements at hadron colliders PDF (PDF, 12 MB)
28.11.2017 Joshua Davies (KIT) Large-nf Contributions to the Four-Loop Splitting Functions in QCD PDF (PDF, 911 KB)
05.12.2017 Christian Bauer (CERN) Electroweak correction at very high energies PDF (PDF, 10 MB)
12.12.2017 Andrea Thamm (U. Mainz) Collider Probes of Axion-Like Particles PDF (PDF, 15 MB)
19.12.2017 Andre Hoang (University of Vienna) On the Top Quark Mass PDF (PDF, 10 MB)



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