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Seminar in Theoretical Particle Physics

Tuesday 11:15

UZH Y16 G05 - Campus Irchel

Autumn Semester 2016


Date Speaker Title Slides

Gavin Salam

Proton structure: the last light parton PDF (PDF, 14 MB)
27.09.2016 Zurab Berezhiani
(L'Aquila & LNGS)
Getting antimatter out of dark matter PDF (PDF, 15 MB)
04.10.2016 Tobias Huber
Non-leptonic B-decays at two loops in QCD PDF (PDF, 658 KB)
11.10.2016 Gabriele Ferretti
Gauge theories of partial compositeness PDF (PDF, 3 MB)
18.10.2016 Andrea Tesi
Fundamental models for partially composite Higgs and fermions PDF (PDF, 3 MB)
25.10.2016 Takahiro Ueda
Forcer: parametric reduction of 4-loop massless propagators PDF (PDF, 7 MB)
01.11.2016 Alexander Karlberg (UZH) VBF Higgs production at NNLO and beyond PDF (PDF, 4 MB)
08.11.2016 Oliver Witzel
Large scale separation and resonances within LHC range from a prototype model for new physics PDF (PDF, 1 MB)
15.11.2016 Marco Cirelli
Minimal Dark Matter, reloaded PDF (PDF, 14 MB)
22.11.2016 Bernhard Mistlberger
Four-Gluon Scattering at Three Loops, Infrared Structure, and the Regge Limit PDF (PDF, 8 MB)
29.11.2016 Stefan Kallweit
NNLO QCD predictions on four-lepton production at the LHC  
06.12.2016 Ben Ruijl (NIKHEF & Leiden U.) Towards five loop calculations in QCD PDF (PDF, 781 KB)
13.12.2016 Tadeusz Janowski (CP3-Origins) CP-violation in hadronic kaon decays from lattice QCD PDF (PDF, 592 KB)
20.12.2016 Christoph Meyer (HU Berlin) Algorithmic transformation of multi-loop Feynman integrals to a canonical basis PDF (PDF, 1 MB)


Special seminars

Date Speaker Title Slides

31.01.2017 13:30

ETH HIT E 41.1

Frank Tackmann


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