Seminar in Theoretical Particle Physics

Tuesday 11:15

UZH Y16 G05 - Campus Irchel

Autumn Semester 2016


Date Speaker Title Slides

Gavin Salam

Proton structure: the last light parton PDF (PDF, 14630 KB)
27.09.2016 Zurab Berezhiani
(L'Aquila & LNGS)
Getting antimatter out of dark matter PDF (PDF, 16256 KB)
04.10.2016 Tobias Huber
Non-leptonic B-decays at two loops in QCD PDF (PDF, 658 KB)
11.10.2016 Gabriele Ferretti
Gauge theories of partial compositeness PDF (PDF, 3232 KB)
18.10.2016 Andrea Tesi
Fundamental models for partially composite Higgs and fermions PDF (PDF, 3746 KB)
25.10.2016 Takahiro Ueda
Forcer: parametric reduction of 4-loop massless propagators PDF (PDF, 7598 KB)
01.11.2016 Alexander Karlberg (UZH) VBF Higgs production at NNLO and beyond PDF (PDF, 4252 KB)
08.11.2016 Oliver Witzel
Large scale separation and resonances within LHC range from a prototype model for new physics PDF (PDF, 1357 KB)
15.11.2016 Marco Cirelli
Minimal Dark Matter, reloaded PDF (PDF, 14825 KB)
22.11.2016 Bernhard Mistlberger
Four-Gluon Scattering at Three Loops, Infrared Structure, and the Regge Limit PDF (PDF, 8505 KB)
29.11.2016 Stefan Kallweit
NNLO QCD predictions on four-lepton production at the LHC  
06.12.2016 Ben Ruijl (NIKHEF & Leiden U.) Towards five loop calculations in QCD PDF (PDF, 781 KB)
13.12.2016 Tadeusz Janowski (CP3-Origins) CP-violation in hadronic kaon decays from lattice QCD PDF (PDF, 592 KB)
20.12.2016 Christoph Meyer (HU Berlin) Algorithmic transformation of multi-loop Feynman integrals to a canonical basis PDF (PDF, 1252 KB)


Special seminars

Date Speaker Title Slides

31.01.2017 13:30

ETH HIT E 41.1

Frank Tackmann


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