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Getting antimatter out of dark matter

Zurab Berezhiani (L'Aquila U. & LNGS)

Tuesday, 27 Sepember 2016 at 11:15, in Y16 G05 - Campus Irchel


We discuss the possibility of dark matter controllable conversion into our antimatter. If dark matter is represented by a twin gauge sector – mirror matter, then in the Early Universe, B and L violating interactions between the particles of ordinary and mirror worlds can co-generate their baryon asymmetries in comparable amounts, Ω'B > ΩB, also predicting the sign of mirror baryon asymmetry. At low energies, the same interactions induce particle mixing phenomena between two sectors. In this way, e.g. mirror neutron n' should oscillate into our antineutron , with probability that depends on environmental conditions as matter density and magnetic fields. This oscillation can be rather fast, faster than the neutron decay itself, with n' –  conversion rate accessible for the experimental search, and it can have fascinating astrophysical consequences. If discovered experimentally, this could give an alternative source of energy once the petroleum will finish.