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Physik-Institut Gravitation and Astrophysics


List of recent publications involving group members

  • Utilizing Gaussian mixture models in all-sky searches for short-duration gravitational wave bursts
    (D. Lopez, V. Gayathri, A. Pai, I. S. Heng, C. Messenger, S. K. Gupta)
    Phys. Rev. D 105, 063024 (2022), arXiv:2112.06608

  • Leveraging gravitational-wave memory to distinguish neutron star-black hole binaries from black hole binaries
    (S. Tiwari, M. Ebersold, E. Z. Hamilton)
    Phys. Rev. D 104, 123024 (2021), arXiv:2110:11171

  • Analytic series expansion of the overlap reduction function for gravitational wave search with pulsar timing array
    (A. Boîtier, S. Tiwari, P. Jetzer)
    Phys. Rev. D 103, 064044 (2021),  arXiv:2011.13405

  • Enhancing the sensitivity of transient gravitational wave searches with Gaussian mixture models
    (V. Gayathri, D. Lopez, Pranjal R. S., I. S. Heng, A. Pai, C. Messenger)
    Phys. Rev. D 102, 104023 (2020), arXiv:2008.01262

  • Pulse redshift of pulsar timing array signals for all possible gravitational wave polarizations in modified general relativity
    (A. Boîtier, S. Tiwari, L. Philippoz, P. Jetzer)
    Phys. Rev. D 102, 064051 (2020),   arXiv:2008.13520

  • Impact of eccentricity on the gravitational wave searches for binary black holes: High mass case
    (A. Ramos-Buades, S. Tiwari, M. Haney, S. Husa)
    Phys. Rev. D 102, 043005 (2020),   arXiv:2005.14016

  • Binary black hole mergers in AGN accretion discs: gravitational wave rate density estimates
    (M. Gröbner, W. Ishibashi, S. Tiwari, M. Haney, P. Jetzer)
    A&A 638, A119 (2020),   arXiv:2005.03571

  • Search for nonlinear memory from subsolar mass compact binary mergers
    (M.Ebersold, S.Tiwari)
    Phys. Rev. D 101, 104041 (2020),   arXiv:2005.03306

  • A note on the gravitational wave energy spectrum of parabolic and hyperbolic encounters
    (M. Gröbner, P. Jetzer, M. Haney, S. Tiwari, W. Ishibashi)
    Class. Quant. Grav. 37 067002 (2020),   arXiv:2001.05187

  • Gravitational-wave amplitudes for compact binaries in eccentric orbits at the third post-Newtonian order: Memory contributions
    (M. Ebersold, Y. Boetzel, G. Faye, C. K. Mishra, B. R. Iyer, P. Jetzer)
    Phys. Rev. D 100, 084043 (2019),   arXiv:1906.06263