Higgs Physics

Introduction to the course

The course introduces the theory and phenomenology of the recently discovered Higgs boson. With this course the students will receive a detailed introduction to the physics of the Higgs boson in the Standard Model. They will acquire the necessary theoretical background to understand the main production and decay channels of the Higgs boson at high-energy colliders, and the corresponding experimental signatures.

Lectures notes and exercises

18 SEP The EW theory and the Higgs mechanism (TH) notes exercises
25 SEP The equivalence theorem and unitarity:
theoretical limits on the Higgs mass (TH)
notes exercises
2 OCT Introduction: accelerators (EXP) notes exercises
9 OCT Higgs searches at LEP; statistics (EXP) notes exercises
16 OCT Higgs production in e+e- collisions (TH) notes exercises
23 OCT From LEP to the Tevatron: p values, CLs, ANN (EXP) notes exercises
30 OCT Higgs production at hadron colliders (TH) notes exercises
6 NOV The gluon fusion mechanism (TH) notes exercises
13 NOV Other production mechanisms; Higgs decays (TH) notes exercises
20 NOV From the Tevatron to the LHC (EXP) notes exercises
27 NOV Differential distributions (TH) notes exercises
4 DIC LHC: H->2gamma (EXP) notes exercises
11 DIC Higgs Properties (TH) notes exercises

Bibliography - references