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Welcome to the Feynman Diagram Library (FDL)


The Feynman Diagram Library is an open tool to create, share and search for Feynman diagrams. The diagrams base on the the FeynMF LaTeX package by Thorsten Ohl.
You can search for existing diagrams under Search or List. If you do not find the diagram you like, download (Login/Registration required) the package and create the wanted diagram on your own (examples are available in the package). We encourage you to upload (Login/Registration required) the created diagrams and thus to provide them to other people.


Left: Higgs decay to two photons via top loop; Right: Decay of Bs0 meson in a generic Two Higgs Doublet model to two muons.

You can find useful information about FeynMF under Links.

Creative Commons license

The FDL goes under the CC BY-SA license (Attribution-ShareAlike). The attribution part means that we would appreciate you advertising the FDL if you like the site (and is in because there does not exist a CC license without).