PHY575 Introduction to Contemporary Quantum Matter Physics

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Marc Janoschek and Johan Chang
Lectures: 7-11 February, 10h00-14h00
Exercise Class: 9-10 February, 14h00-15h30
Start: Monday, 07.02.2022

This course provides an introduction to quantum matter phases such as superconductivity, topological and electronic nematic phases, as well as Non-Fermi-liquid and spin liquid states. Focus will be on systems with strong electronic interactions discussed from the perspective of well-understood itinerant and localized electronic limits. The course has an  experimental orientation, notably with the aim to highlight the discovery and exploration of novel phenomena. Essential experimental probes that enable progress in this field will be discussed. The level is adapted such that the course will be useful for both master and PhD students.

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Course Format

Online course

Course material

Lecture Number Date Topic Lecture Material Exercise Sheets
1 07.02 Fermi Liquids    
2 07.02


3 07.02 Heavy Fermions    
4 08.02 Strongly Correlated Insulators    
5 08.02 Quantum Phase transitions    
6 08.02 Non-Fermi-Liquids    
7 09.02 Superconductivity    
8 09.02 Superconductivity    
9 09.02 Nematicity    
10 10.02 Metallic Magnetism    
11 10.02 Skyrmions    
12 10.02 Anomalous Hall effect    
13 11.02 Spin Liquids    
14 11.02 Thermal Hall effect & conductivity    
15 11.02 Charge order