PHY564 Quantum Chromodynamics

General Information

Lecturer: Prof. Thomas Gehrmann

Matteo Marcoli

Adrian Rodriguez Garcia

Module Code (UZH): PHY564
Module Code (ETH): 402-0886-00L



  • Lectures: Monday 09:45-11:30 HCP E47.1
    • First lecture: Monday 27.9
  • Exercises: Monday 11:45-12:30 HCP E47.1
    • First exercise class: Monday 4.10

Suggested References

  • T.Muta: Foundations of Quantum Chromodynamics
  • F.J.Yndurain: The Theory of Quark and Gluon Interactions
  • J.Campbell, J.Huston, F.Krauss: The Black Book of Quantum Chromodynamics
  • M.D.Schwartz: Quantum Field Theory and the Standard Model