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Physik-Institut Group of Thomas Gehrmann

Thomas Gehrmann

Thomas Gehrmann, Prof. Dr.

  • Professor
+41 44 635 5818
Room number
Y36 K80

Research interests

My research area is the theory of elementary particles.

All currently available data from high energy collider experiments are described successfully by the Standard Model of particle physics - the theories of electroweak and strong interactions (quantum chromodynamics, QCD).

The Standard Model is however theoretically incomplete, and can therefore considered to be valid only in a limited range of energies. The experimental search for small deviations from this theory requires very precise predictions for observables in the Standard Model.

My research group focuses on precision calculations for collider observables within the Standard Model and their application in the interpretation of experimental data. Those calculations rely heavily on the application and further development of numerical and analytical methods on high performance supercomputers.