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BSc 180 Core Elective, 4. - 6. Semester

Physics of soft matter (PHY212)

  • Forming condensed matter from atoms
  • Diffusion and atomic interactions
  • Methods for directly observing and measuring interactions between atoms
  • Foundations in polymer physics
  • DNA as a bio-polymer
  • Instruments in molecular biology
  • Methods for measuring the properties of individual DNA molecules
  • Rheology, elasticity
  • Pattern formation and non-linear dynamics
  • Optics and microscopy

Nuclear and Particle Physics II (PHY213)

  • Electroweak unification
  • Parity violation in weak interactions, beta decay of neutrons
  • CP violation
  • Eichinvarianz and the Higgs Boson
  • The standard model: Weinberg-Salam Theory
  • Experimental methods: accelerators, interactions of radiation with matter, detectors
  • Neutrino mass and mixtures, solar and atmospheric neutrinos
  • Thermic history of the universe, primordial nucleosynthesis
  • Element synthesis in stars

Lab Course Particle Physics II (PHY 223)

Experiment at PSI with data analysis and error calculus

Introduction to Astrophysics (PHY241)

  • Gravitational constant
  • Celestial mechanics and chaos
  • Schwarzschild space-time and black holes
  • Chandrasekhar mass scales
  • Nuclear fusion in stars
  • Main sequence of stars
  • Friedmann equation and the expanding universe
  • Cosmic microwave background

Quantum Mechanics II (PHY351)

  •  Scattering theory
  •  Time-dependent perturbation theory
  •  Interactions between light and matter
  •  Many-body-problem and identical particles
  •  Atom and molecule construction
  •  Quantum mechanics many-body-systems
  •  Quantum statistics
  •  Bose-Einstein-Condensation

Continuum mechanics (PHY352)

  • Deformation and stress tensor
  • Grating violations and plastic deformation
  • Navier-Stokes-Equation
  • Dynamics of vortexes
  • Reynold number
  • Prandt boundary layer
  • Couette flow and Taylor instability
    Development of turbulence

Study guide

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