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Seminar in Theoretical Particle Physics

Unless otherwise indicated, seminars will be held on Tuesdays, 11:15 - 12:30, in the room Y16-G-05 on the UZH Irchel Campus.

Autumn Semester 2023

Date Speaker Title


Simone Caletti (ETH Zurich)

Hadronic Jets: flavour and substructure
03.10.2023 Vasily Sotnikov (UZH) NNLO QCD corrections for triphoton production at the LHC in full color
17.10.2023 Mark Hindmarsh (U. Sussex and Helsinki) Probing phase transitions in the early universe with gravitational waves
24.10.2023 Giulio Gambuti  (Oxford) Two Loops and Five Partons: the Full Colour Story
31.10.2023 Mattia Dalla Brida (CERN) Precision determination of alpha_s from lattice QCD
07.11.2023 Mrinal Dasgupta (Manchester U.) Dissecting collinear splittings of quark and gluon jets at NNLL
14.11.2023 Clara Murgui (CERN) Nelson-Barr solutions to the strong CP problem
21.11.2023 Emanuelle Pinsard (UZH) Heavy neutral leptons: the role of CPV phases and of LFUV
28.11.2023 Martin Beneke (TU Munich) QED effects in exclusive B decays and light-cone distribution amplitudes
05.12.2023 Adam Falkowski (LPT Orsay) Constraints on new physics from nuclear beta transitions
12.12.2023 Matteo Becchetti (U. Torino) Top quark mass effects in diphoton production at NNLO in QCD
19.12.2023 MaasAxel (U. Graz)


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