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Seminar in Solid State Physics

Wednesday 11:15

UZH Y36 J 33 - Campus Irchel

Spring Semester 2015


Date Speaker Title Local Contact
01.02.2017 Mario Cuoco (Università di Salerno) Orbital doping in hybrid transition metal oxides J. Chang

Tuesday 07.02.2017 14:00 in K08

Adel Nader (Syria) Resistivity determination as a mathematical problem (PDF, 55 KB) A. Schilling
Thursday 09.02.2017 14:00 in K08 Adel Nader (Syria) Resistivity anisotropy of some layered dichalcogenides and its correlation with charge density wave transition (PDF, 55 KB) A. Schilling
Monday 13.02.2017 Kaoru Sugimura (Kyoto University) Actin interacting protein 1 senses the extrinsic stretching force and orients cell rearrangement in Drosophila wing C. Aegerter
01.03.2017 Johannes Gooth (IBM, Rüschlikon) Experimental signatures for quantum anomalies in the Weyl semimetal NbP T. Neupert
22.03.2017 Simon Gerber (PSI) Ultrashort and ultrabright x-ray free-electron laser pulses for studies of correlated materials J. Chang
Thursday, 23.03.2017, 17:00 Michele Puppin (Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society, Berlin) Excited-state mapping with XUV-based trARPES (PDF, 296 KB) C. Monney
12.04.2017 Peter Babkevich (EPFL) Hourglass magnetic spectrum in charge-stripe-ordered cobalt oxide J. Chang
26.04.2017 David Starr (Helmholtz-Institut, Berlin) Soft and hard X-ray ambient pressure photoelectron spectroscopy of semiconductor/electrolyte interfaces for water splitting applications (DOCX, 15 KB) J. Osterwalder
10.05.2017 Rafal E. Dunin-Borkowski (Research Centre Juelich, Germany) Electromagnetic field mapping at the nanoscale in the transmission electron microscope H.-W. Fink
17.05.2017 Mostafa Shalaby (PSI) Opportunities and Challenges of Terahertz Emitting Organic Crystals: The Terahertz λ³ Bullet Source at the SwissFEL (DOCX, 78 KB) J. Osterwalder
24.05.2017 Faruk Krecinic (Fritz Haber Institut der Max Planck Gesellschaft, Berlin) Visualizing nanoscale ultrafast charge dynamics using low-energy electrons H.-W. Fink
14.06.2017 Jonathan E. Dawson (Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-organization, Göttingen) Dynamical processes in cells and tissues (PDF, 18 KB) C. Aegerter
28.06.2017 Shi-Xia Liu (Uni Bern) Electronic properties of fused donor-acceptor ensembles in solutions and on surfaces L. Castiglioni



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