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Open Day 2022, November 17 & 18

Exhibition of research posters in the mechanical workshop

Open Day

Winners of the poster competition

Condensed Matter

Condensed Matter

Studying the macroscopic and microscopic physical properties of matter

Bio- & Medical Physics


Studying disordered and out-of-equilibrium systems and medical applications

Posters in Bio- and Medical Physics

7 Aritra Chowdhury

Complexes of charged disordered polyelectrolyte-like proteins: from thermodynamics to stuctural plasticity

8 Nicola Galvanetto

Probing dynamics of individual  proteins in biomolecular condensates (PDF, 2 MB)

9 Christoph Aegerter Disordered and biological soft matter (PDF, 1 MB) Aegerter
22 Nathan Torelli Spatiotemporal fractionation schemes in radiotherapy (PDF, 515 KB) Unkelbach
23 Irina Kempf et al. Electrostatic Field Simulations and Dynamic Monte Carlo Simulations of a Nanodosimetric Detector (PDF, 2 MB) Schneider
24 Uwe Schneider Medical Physics and Radiation Research (PDF, 639 KB) Schneider
25 Philipp Wallimann et al.

Synthetic CT generation using generative adversarial networks for MR-only radiotherapy (PDF, 708 KB)




Astro(particle) & Cosmology

Astroparticle & Cosmology

Search for Dark Matter and neutrinoless double ß decay and studies of gravitational waves and theoretical astrophysics

Posters in Astro(particle) Physics and Cosmology

Particle Physics

Particle Physics

Understanding the building blocks of matter