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Physik-Institut Group of Nicola Serra

Full steam ahead for the SHiP experiment!

The SHiP experiment approved by CERN

SHiP collaborators looking very happy having heard about the approval!

A new experiment SHiP has just been given the green light by CERN to proceed. The experiment is designed to search for so-called "hidden particles", named as such because they barely interact with ordinary matter. An example of this is the search for a heavy neutrino, which is a kind of neutral electron that could solve some of the pressing open questions such as to what is the mysterious material Dark Matter. The search for hidden particles complements the existing experiments at CERN, which instead look for signs of heavy new particles (such as what we do at the LHCb experiment here in UZH). 

The group here at UZH has been hugely involved in SHiP since its inception, where the first collaboration meeting took place here in Zurich in 2013. The group also led vital studies for the experiment design that was submitted to CERN for approval. Prof. Serra now has his work cut out as physics coordinator of the experiment - this is where the real work begins!

Patrick Owen

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