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Physik-Institut Medical Physics and Radiation Research - Research Group of Prof. Uwe Schneider


Radiation Research and Radiobiology

We are developing mathematical models and Monte Carlo simulations for describing the interaction of ionizing radiation with cells and organ systems. Our research is focused on:
  • Developing analytical models for radiation induced cancer for intermediate and high dose (> 1 Gy)
  • Monte Carlo simulations of radiation damage at the DNA level and verification with nanodosimteric measurements
  • Development of models for normal tissue complications (NTCP) and tumor control probability (TCP)
  • Development of space radiation risk models



Detector and Applicator Design



We are designing detectors for radiation dosimetry and devices for administering radiation:
  • Development of nanodosimetry detectors
  • Development of proton radiography detector systems
  • Design of equipment for experimental animal irradiation




We are developing detector systems and perfoming measurements to determine the dose of radiotherapy patients:
  • TLD measurements in the range from 1 microSv up to 5 Sv 
  • Neutron dose measurements
  • Parametrisation of neutron dose
  • Monte Carlo simulations of neutron dose in radiotherapy beam lines


Interaction of radiation with matter

We are developing and improving models which describe the interaction of radiation with matter to improve the precision of radiotherapy and develop new imaging technologies:
  • Development of analytical models for multiple Coulomb scattering of protons and heavier charged particles
  • Development of proton trajectory models for image reconstruction
  • Development of image reconstruction algorthms for proton tomography

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