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Physik-Institut Theory of Quantum Matter


[ 2023 ]


Charge-4e Superconductivity in a Hubbard model
Soldini, M.O., Fischer, M.H., and Neupert, T.

Two-dimensional Shiba lattices as a possible platform for crystalline topological superconductivity
Soldini, M.O., Küster, F., Wagner, G., Das, S., Aldarawsheh, A., Thomale, R., Lounis, S., Parkin, S.S.P., Sessi, P., and Neupert, T.
Nature Physics 19, 1848--1854 (2023) (arXiv:2307.06365)

Interacting topological quantum chemistry of Mott atomic limits
Soldini, M.O., Astrakhantsev, N., Iraola, M., Tiwari, A., Fischer, M.H., Valentí, R., Vergniory, M.G., Wagner, G., and Neupert, T.
Phys. Rev. B 107, 245145 (2023) (arXiv:2209.10556 2209.10556)