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On 2-form gauge models of topological phases
Delcamp, C. and Tiwari, A.


Pressure-induced rotational symmetry breaking in URu2Si2
Choi, J., Ivashko, O., Dennler, N., Aoki, D., Arx, K., Gerber, S., Gutowski, O., Fischer, M.H., Strempfer, J., Zimmermann, M., and Chang, J.
Phys. Rev. B 98, 241113 (2018) (arXiv:1901.02494)

Higher-order symmetry-protected topological states for interacting bosons and fermions
You, Y., Devakul, T., Burnell, F.J., and Neupert, T.
Phys. Rev. B 98, 235102 (2018)

Statistical periodicity in driven quantum systems: General formalism and application to noisy Floquet topological chains
Sieberer, L.M., Rieder, M.-T., Fischer, M.H., and Fulga, I.C.
Phys. Rev. B 98, 214301 (2018) (arXiv:1809.03833)

Topology in the Sierpiński-Hofstadter problem
Brzezińska, M., Cook, A.M., and Neupert, T.
Phys. Rev. B 98, 205116 (2018)

Many-body localization and delocalization in large quantum chains
Doggen, E.V.H., Schindler, F., Tikhonov, K.S., Mirlin, A.D., Neupert, T., Polyakov, D.G., and Gornyi, I.V.
Phys. Rev. B 98, 174202 (2018)

Theory for the negative longitudinal magnetoresistance in the quantum limit of Kramers Weyl semimetals
Wan, B., Schindler, F., Wang, K., Wu, K., Wan, X., Neupert, T., and Lu, H.-Z.
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 30, 505501 (2018)

Symmetries and Many-Body Excitations with Neural-Network Quantum States
Choo, K., Carleo, G., Regnault, N., and Neupert, T.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 167204 (2018)

Measurement of the Entanglement Spectrum of a Symmetry-Protected Topological State Using the IBM Quantum Computer
Choo, K., Keyserlingk, C.W., Regnault, N., and Neupert, T.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 086808 (2018)

Three-Dimensional Fermi Surface of Overdoped La-Based Cuprates
Horio, M., Hauser, K., Sassa, Y., Mingazheva, Z., Sutter, D., Kramer, K., Cook, A., Nocerino, E., Forslund, O.K., Tjernberg, O., Kobayashi, M., Chikina, A., Schröter, N.B.M., Krieger, J.A., Schmitt, T., Strocov, V.N., Pyon, S., Takayama, T., Takagi, H., Lipscombe, O.J., Hayden, S.M., Ishikado, M., Eisaki, H., Neupert, T., Må{}nsson, M., Matt, C.E., and Chang, J.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 077004 (2018)

Structure of the entanglement entropy of (3+1)-dimensional gapped phases of matter
Zheng, Y., He, H., Bradlyn, B., Cano, J., Neupert, T., and Bernevig, B.A.
Phys. Rev. B 97, 195118 (2018)

Spin-Orbital Excitations in Ca2RuO4 Revealed by Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering
Das, L., Forte, F., Fittipaldi, R., Fatuzzo, C.G., Granata, V., Ivashko, O., Horio, M., Schindler, F., Dantz, M., Tseng, Y., McNally, D.E., R\o{}nnow, H.M., Wan, W., Christensen, N.B., Pelliciari, J., Olalde-Velasco, P., Kikugawa, N., Neupert, T., Vecchione, A., Schmitt, T., Cuoco, M., and Chang, J.
Phys. Rev. X 8, 011048 (2018)

Numerical investigation of gapped edge states in fractional quantum Hall-superconductor heterostructures
Repellin, C., Cook, A.M., Neupert, T., and Regnault, N.
npj Quantum Materials 3, 14 (2018)

Topolectrical-circuit realization of topological corner modes
Imhof, S., Berger, C., Bayer, F., Brehm, J., Molenkamp, L.W., Kiessling, T., Schindler, F., Lee, C.H., Greiter, M., Neupert, T., and Thomale, R.
Nature Physics 14, 925--929 (2018)

Direct observation of orbital hybridisation in a cuprate superconductor
Matt, C.E., Sutter, D., Cook, A.M., Sassa, Y., Må nsson, M., Tjernberg, O., Das, L., Horio, M., Destraz, D., Fatuzzo, C.G., Hauser, K., Shi, M., Kobayashi, M., Strocov, V.N., Schmitt, T., Dudin, P., Hoesch, M., Pyon, S., Takayama, T., Takagi, H., Lipscombe, O.J., Hayden, S.M., Kurosawa, T., Momono, N., Oda, M., Neupert, T., and Chang, J.
Nature Communications 9, 972 (2018)

Two-dimensional type-II Dirac fermions in layered oxides
Horio, M., Matt, C.E., Kramer, K., Sutter, D., Cook, A.M., Sassa, Y., Hauser, K., M{å}nsson, M., Plumb, N.C., Shi, M., Lipscombe, O.J., Hayden, S.M., Neupert, T., and Chang, J.
Nature Communications 9, 3252 (2018)

Competing orders in the Hofstadter t-J model
Tu, W.-L., Schindler, F., Neupert, T., and Poilblanc, D.
Phys. Rev. B 97, 035154 (2018)

Topological quantum properties of chiral crystals
Chang, G., Wieder, B.J., Schindler, F., Sanchez, D.S., Belopolski, I., Huang, S.-M., Singh, B., Wu, D., Chang, T.-R., Neupert, T., Xu, S.-Y., Lin, H., and Hasan, M.Z.
Nature Materials 17, 978--985 (2018)

Higher-order topological insulators
Schindler, F., Cook, A.M., Vergniory, M.G., Wang, Z., Parkin, S.S.P., Bernevig, B.A., and Neupert, T.

Higher-order topology in bismuth
Schindler, F., Wang, Z., Vergniory, M.G., Cook, A.M., Murani, A., Sengupta, S., Kasumov, A.Yu., Deblock, R., Jeon, S., Drozdov, I., Bouchiat, H{é}l{\`e}ne, Gu{é}ron, S., Yazdani, A., Bernevig, B.A., and Neupert, T.
Nature Physics 14, 918--924 (2018)

Magnetic and noncentrosymmetric Weyl fermion semimetals in the RAlGe family of compounds (R=rare earth)
Chang, G., Singh, B., Xu, S.-Y., Bian, G., Huang, S.-M., Hsu, C.-H., Belopolski, I., Alidoust, N., Sanchez, D.S., Zheng, H., Lu, H., Zhang, X., Bian, Y., Chang, T.-R., Jeng, H.-T., Bansil, A., Hsu, H., Jia, S., Neupert, T., Lin, H., and Hasan, M.Z.
Phys. Rev. B 97, 041104 (2018)

Topological Crystalline Insulators
Neupert, T. and Schindler, F.
in Topological Matter: Lectures from the Topological Matter School 2017 (Springer International Publishing)


Mirror Protected Dirac Fermions on a Weyl Semimetal NbP Surface
Zheng, H., Chang, G., Huang, S.-M., Guo, C., Zhang, X., Zhang, S., Yin, J., Xu, S.-Y., Belopolski, I., Alidoust, N., Sanchez, D.S., Bian, G., Chang, T.-R., Neupert, T., Jeng, H.-T., Jia, S., Lin, H., and Hasan, M.Z.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 196403 (2017)

Weyl-type topological phase transitions in fractional quantum Hall like systems
Kourtis, S., Neupert, T., Mudry, C., Sigrist, M., and Chen, W.
Phys. Rev. B 96, 205117 (2017)

Ultraquantum magnetoresistance in the Kramers-Weyl semimetal candidate β-Ag2Se
Zhang, C.-L., Schindler, F., Liu, H., Chang, T.-R., Xu, S.-Y., Chang, G., Hua, W., Jiang, H., Yuan, Z., Sun, J., Jeng, H.-T., Lu, H.-Z., Lin, H., Hasan, M.Z., Xie, X.C., Neupert, T., and Jia, S.
Phys. Rev. B 96, 165148 (2017)

Type-II Symmetry-Protected Topological Dirac Semimetals
Chang, T.-R., Xu, S.-Y., Sanchez, D.S., Tsai, W.-F., Huang, S.-M., Chang, G., Hsu, C.-H., Bian, G., Belopolski, I., Yu, Z.-M., Yang, S.A., Neupert, T., Jeng, H.-T., Lin, H., and Hasan, M.Z.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 026404 (2017)

Magnetic-tunnelling-induced Weyl node annihilation in TaP
Zhang, C.-L., Xu, S.-Y., Wang, C.M., Lin, Z., Du, Z.Z., Guo, C., Lee, C.-C., Lu, H., Feng, Y., Huang, S.-M., Chang, G., Hsu, C.-H., Liu, H., Lin, H., Li, L., Zhang, C., Zhang, J., Xie, X.-C., Neupert, T., Hasan, M.Z., Lu, H.-Z., Wang, J., and Jia, S.
Nature Physics 13, 979 EP - (2017)

Probing many-body localization with neural networks
Schindler, F., Regnault, N., and Neupert, T.
Phys. Rev. B 95, 245134 (2017)

Hallmarks of Hunds coupling in the Mott insulator Ca2RuO4
Sutter, D., Fatuzzo, C.G., Moser, S., Kim, M., Fittipaldi, R., Vecchione, A., Granata, V., Sassa, Y., Cossalter, F., Gatti, G., Grioni, M., R{\o}nnow, H.M., Plumb, N.C., Matt, C.E., Shi, M., Hoesch, M., Kim, T.K., Chang, T.-R., Jeng, H.-T., Jozwiak, C., Bostwick, A., Rotenberg, E., Georges, A., Neupert, T., and Chang, J.
Nature Communications 8, 15176 EP - (2017)

Suppression of magnetic excitations near the surface of the topological Kondo insulator SmB6
Biswas, P.K., Legner, M., Balakrishnan, G., Hatnean, M.C., Lees, M.R., Paul, D.McK., Pomjakushina, E., Prokscha, T., Suter, A., Neupert, T., and Salman, Z.
Phys. Rev. B 95, 020410 (2017)

Nexus fermions in topological symmorphic crystalline metals
Chang, G., Xu, S.-Y., Huang, S.-M., Sanchez, D.S., Hsu, C.-H., Bian, G., Yu, Z.-M., Belopolski, I., Alidoust, N., Zheng, H., Chang, T.-R., Jeng, H.-T., Yang, S.A., Neupert, T., Lin, H., and Hasan, M.Z.
Scientific Reports 7, 1688 (2017)


No-go theorem for boson condensation in topologically ordered quantum liquids
Neupert, T., He, H., Keyserlingk, C., Sierra, Germán, and Bernevig, B.A.
New Journal of Physics 18, 123009 (2016)

Topological Nonsymmorphic Metals from Band Inversion
Muechler, L., Alexandradinata, A., Neupert, T., and Car, R.
Phys. Rev. X 6, 041069 (2016)

Density wave instabilities and surface state evolution in interacting Weyl semimetals
Laubach, M., Platt, C., Thomale, R., Neupert, T., and Rachel, S.
Phys. Rev. B 94, 241102 (2016)