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YASTN: Yet another symmetric tensor networks; A Python library for abelian symmetric tensor network calculations
Rams, M.M., Wójtowicz, G., Sinha, A., and Hasik, J.

Simulating Spin Dynamics of Supersolid States in a Quantum Ising Magnet
Xu, Y., Hasik, J., Ponsioen, B., and Nevidomskyy, A.H.

Floquet engineered inhomogeneous quantum chaos in critical systems
Lapierre, B., Numasawa, T., Neupert, T., and Ryu, S.

Hyperbolic Non-Abelian Semimetal
Tummuru, T., Chen, A., Lenggenhager, P.M., Neupert, T., Maciejko, J., and Bzdus̆ek, T.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 132, 206601 (2024) (arXiv:2307.09876)

Effects of nucleation at a first-order transition between two superconducting phases: Application to CeRh2As2
Szabó, A.L., Fischer, M.H., and Sigrist, M.
Phys. Rev. Res. 6, 023080 (2024) (arXiv:2307.10374)

A hybrid topological quantum state in an elemental solid
Hossain, M.S., Schindler, F., Islam, R., Muhammad, Z., Jiang, Y.-X., Cheng, Z.-J., Zhang, Q., Hou, T., Chen, H., Litskevich, M., Casas, B., Yin, J.-X., Cochran, T.A., Yahyavi, M., Yang, X.P., Balicas, L., Chang, G., Zhao, W., Neupert, T., and Hasan, M.Z.
Nature 628, 527 (2024) (arXiv:2401.04845)

Interacting Crystalline Topological Insulators in 2D with Spin-Orbit Coupling
Soldini, M.O., Aksoy, O.M., and Neupert, T.

Double-dome Unconventional Superconductivity in Twisted Trilayer Graphene
Zhou, Z., Jiang, J., Karnatak, P., Wang, Z., Wagner, G., Watanabe, K., Taniguchi, T., Schönenberger, C., Parameswaran, S.A., Simon, S.H., and Banerjee, M.

Correlated order at the tipping point in the kagome metal CsV3Sb5
Guo, C., Wagner, G., Putzke, C., Chen, D., Wang, K., Zhang, L., Gutierrez-Amigo, M., Errea, I., Vergniory, M.G., Felser, C., Fischer, M.H., Neupert, T., and Moll, P.J.W.
Nature Physics 20, 579 (2024) (arXiv:2304.00972)

Strain-induced enhancement of the charge-density-wave in the kagome metal ScVSn
Tuniz, M., Consiglio, A., Pokharel, G., Parmigiani, F., Neupert, T., Thomale, R., Sangiovanni, G., Wilson, S.D., Vobornik, I., Salvador, F., Cilento, F., Sante, D.D., and Mazzola, F.

Challenges of variational quantum optimization with measurement shot noise
Scriva, G., Astrakhantsev, N., Pilati, S., and Mazzola, G.
Phys. Rev. A 109, 032408 (2024) (arXiv:2308.00044)

Weak signal extraction enabled by deep neural network denoising of diffraction data
Oppliger, J., Denner, M.M., Küspert, J., Frison, R., Wang, Q., Morawietz, A., Ivashko, O., Dippel, A.-C., Zimmermann, M.v., Bialo, I., Martinelli, L., Fauqué, B., Choi, J., Garcia-Fernandez, M., Zhou, K.-J., Christensen, N.B., Kurosawa, T., Momono, N., Oda, M., Natterer, F.D., Fischer, M.H., Neupert, T., and Chang, J.
Nature Machine Intelligence 6, 180 (2024) (arXiv:2209.09247)

Anisotropic Quantum Hall Droplets
Oblak, B., Lapierre, B., Moosavi, P., Stéphan, J.-M., and Estienne, B.
Phys. Rev. X 14, 011030 (2024) (arXiv:2301.01726)

Finite-momentum Cooper pairing in proximitized altermagnets
Zhang, S.-B., Hu, L.-H., and Neupert, T.
Nature Communications 15, 1801 (2024) (arXiv:2302.13185)

Charge orders with distinct magnetic response in a prototypical kagome superconductor LaRu3Si2
III, C.M., Sazgari, V., Plokhikh, I., Shin, S., Nakamura, H., Graham, J.N., Küspert, J., Bialo, I., Garbarino, G., Das, D., Medarde, M., Bartkowiak, M., Islam, S.S., Khasanov, R., Luetkens, H., Hasan, M.Z., Pomjakushina, E., Yin, J.-X., Fischer, M.H., Chang, J., Neupert, T., Nakatsuji, S., Wehinger, B., Gawryluk, D.J., and Guguchia, Z.

Giant Strain Response of Charge Modulation and Singularity in a Kagome Superconductor
Lin, C., Consiglio, A., Forslund, O.K., Küspert, J., Denner, M.M., Lei, H., Louat, A., Watson, M.D., Kim, T.K., Cacho, C., Carbone, D., Leandersson, M., Polley, C., Balasubramanian, T., Sante, D.D., Thomale, R., Guguchia, Z., Sangiovanni, G., Neupert, T., and Chang, J.

Distinct switching of chiral transport in the kagome metals KV3Sb5 and CsV3Sb5
Guo, C., Delft, M.R., Gutierrez-Amigo, M., Chen, D., Putzke, C., Wagner, G., Fischer, M.H., Neupert, T., Errea, I., Vergniory, M.G., Wiedmann, S., Felser, C., and Moll, P.J.W.
npj Quantum Materials 9, 20 (2024) (arXiv:2306.00593)

Depth-dependent study of time-reversal symmetry-breaking in the kagome superconductor AV3Sb5
Graham, J.N., au2, C.M.I., Das, D., Morresi, T., Sazgari, V., Suter, A., Prokscha, T., Deng, H., Khasanov, R., Wilson, S.D., Salinas, A.C., Martins, M.M., Zhong, Y., Okazaki, K., Wang, Z., Hasan, M.Z., Fischer, M., Neupert, T., Yin, J.-X., Sanna, S., Luetkens, H., Salman, Z., Bonfa, P., and Guguchia, Z.

Discovery of a Topological Charge Density Wave
Litskevich, M., Hossain, M.S., Zhang, S., Cheng, Z.-J., Guin, S.N., Kumar, N., Shekhar, C., Wang, Z., Li, Y., Chang, G., Yin, J.-X., Zhang, Q., Cheng, G., Jiang, Y.-X., Cochran, T.A., Shumiya, N., Yang, X.P., Multer, D., Liu, X., Yao, N., Yao, Y., Felser, C., Neupert, T., and Hasan, M.Z.


Discovery of a topological exciton insulator with tunable momentum order
Hossain, M.S., Cochran, T.A., Jiang, Y.-X., Zhang, S., Wu, H., Liu, X., Zheng, X., Kim, B., Cheng, G., Zhang, Q., Litskevich, M., Zhang, J., Cheng, Z.-J., Liu, J., Yin, J.-X., Yang, X.P., Denlinger, J., Tallarida, M., Dai, J., Vescovo, E., Rajapitamahuni, A., Miao, H., Yao, N., Peng, Y., Yao, Y., Wang, Z., Balicas, L., Neupert, T., and Hasan, M.Z.

Charge-4e Superconductivity in a Hubbard model
Soldini, M.O., Fischer, M.H., and Neupert, T.

Quantum paramagnetism in the decorated square-kagome antiferromagnet Na6Cu7BiO4(PO4)4Cl3
Niggemann, N., Astrakhantsev, N., Ralko, A., Ferrari, F., Maity, A., Müller, T., Richter, J., Thomale, R., Neupert, T., Reuther, J., Iqbal, Y., and Jeschke, H.O.
Phys. Rev. B 108, L241117 (2023) (arXiv:2310.05219)

Transport response of topological hinge modes in α-Bi4Br4
Hossain, M.S., Zhang, Q., Wang, Z., Dhale, N., Liu, W., Litskevich, M., Casas, B., Shumiya, N., Yin, J.-X., Cochran, T.A., Li, Y., Jiang, Y.-X., Yang, Y., Cheng, G., Cheng, Z.-J., Yang, X.P., Yao, N., Neupert, T., Balicas, L., Yao, Y., Lv, B., and Hasan, M.Z.

Van-Hove tuning of Fermi surface instabilities through compensated metallicity
Hohmann, H., Dürrnagel, M., Bunney, M., Schwemmer, T., Neupert, T., Rachel, S., and Thomale, R.

Two-dimensional Shiba lattices as a possible platform for crystalline topological superconductivity
Soldini, M.O., Küster, F., Wagner, G., Das, S., Aldarawsheh, A., Thomale, R., Lounis, S., Parkin, S.S.P., Sessi, P., and Neupert, T.
Nature Physics 19, 1848--1854 (2023) (arXiv:2307.06365)

Understanding symmetry breaking in twisted bilayer graphene from cluster constraints
Astrakhantsev, N., Wagner, G., Westerhout, T., Neupert, T., and Fischer, M.H.
Phys. Rev. Res. 5, 043214 (2023) (arXiv:2308.08590)

Non-Abelian Hyperbolic Band Theory from Supercells
Lenggenhager, P.M., Maciejko, J., and Bzdus̆ek, T.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 131, 226401 (2023) (arXiv:2305.04945)

Critical properties of the quantum Ashkin-Teller chain with chiral perturbations
Lüscher, B.E., Mila, Frédéric, and Chepiga, N.
Phys. Rev. B 108, 184425 (2023) (arXiv:2308.07144)

Quantum Fluctuations in a Weakly Correlated Mott Insulator
Wang, Q., Mustafi, S., Fogh, E., Astrakhantsev, N., He, Z., Biało, I., Horio, M., Ivashko, O., Shaik, N.E., Arx, K., Sassa, Y., Paris, E., Fischer, M.H., Tseng, Y., Christensen, N.B., Galdi, A., Schlom, D.G., Shen, K.M., Schmitt, T., Rønnow, H.M., and Chang, J.

Mechanism for pi phase shifts in Little-Parks experiments: Application to 4Hb-TaS2 and to 2H-TaS2 intercalated with chiral molecules
Fischer, M.H., Lee, P.A., and Ruhman, J.
Phys. Rev. B 108, L180505 (2023) (arXiv:2304.10583)

Topology of SmB6 revisited by means of topological quantum chemistry
Iraola, M., Robredo, I., Neupert, T., Mañes, J.L., Valentí, R., and Vergniory, M.G.

Kekulé spirals and charge transfer cascades in twisted symmetric trilayer graphene
Wang, Z., Kwan, Y.H., Wagner, G., Bultinck, N., Simon, S.H., and Parameswaran, S.A.

Probing Chern number by opacity and topological phase transition by a nonlocal Chern marker
Molignini, P., Lapierre, B., Chitra, R., and Chen, W.
SciPost Phys. Core 6, 059 (2023) (arXiv:2207.00016)

Phenomenological theory of variational quantum ground-state preparation
Astrakhantsev, N., Mazzola, G., Tavernelli, I., and Carleo, G.
Phys. Rev. Res. 5, 033225 (2023) (arXiv:2205.06278)

Phenomenology of bond and flux orders in kagome metals
Wagner, G., Guo, C., Moll, P.J.W., Neupert, T., and Fischer, M.H.
Phys. Rev. B 108, 125136 (2023) (arXiv:2307.02528)

Non-Hermitian Mott Skin Effect
Yoshida, T., Zhang, S.-B., Neupert, T., and Kawakami, N.

Charge order above room-temperature in a prototypical kagome superconductor La(Ru1-xFex)3Si2
Plokhikh, I., III, C.M., Nakamura, H., Petricek, V., Qin, Y., Sazgari, V., Küspert, J., Bialo, I., Shin, S., Ivashko, O., Zimmermann, M., Medarde, M., Amato, A., Khasanov, R., Luetkens, H., Fischer, M.H., Hasan, M.Z., Yin, J.-X., Neupert, T., Chang, J., Xu, G., Nakatsuji, S., Pomjakushina, E., Gawryluk, D.J., and Guguchia, Z.

Coulomb-driven band unflattening suppresses K-phonon pairing in moiré graphene
Wagner, G., Kwan, Y.H., Bultinck, N., Simon, S.H., and Parameswaran, S.A.

Time evolution of uniform sequential circuits
Astrakhantsev, N., Lin, S.-H., Pollmann, F., and Smith, A.
Phys. Rev. Res. 5, 033187 (2023) (arXiv:2210.03751)

Enhancement of Second-Order Non-Hermitian Skin Effect by Magnetic Fields
Li, C.-A., Trauzettel, B., Neupert, T., and Zhang, S.-B.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 131, 116601 (2023) (arXiv:2212.14691)

Infernal and exceptional edge modes: non-Hermitian topology beyond the skin effect
Denner, M.M., Neupert, T., and Schindler, F.
Journal of Physics: Materials 6, 045006 (2023) (arXiv:2304.13743)

A hybrid quantum-classical method for electron-phonon systems
Denner, M.M., Miessen, A., Yan, H., Tavernelli, I., Neupert, T., Demler, E., and Wang, Y.
Communications Physics 6, 233 (2023) (arXiv:2302.09824)

Symmetry and topology of hyperbolic Haldane models
Chen, A., Guan, Y., Lenggenhager, P.M., Maciejko, J., Boettcher, I., and Bzdus̆ek, T.
Phys. Rev. B 108, 085114 (2023) (arXiv:2304.03273)

Self-similarity of spectral response functions for fractional quantum Hall states
Andrews, B. and Möller, G.
Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences 479, 20230021 (2023) (arXiv:2201.04704)

Interacting topological quantum chemistry of Mott atomic limits
Soldini, M.O., Astrakhantsev, N., Iraola, M., Tiwari, A., Fischer, M.H., Valentí, R., Vergniory, M.G., Wagner, G., and Neupert, T.
Phys. Rev. B 107, 245145 (2023) (arXiv:2209.10556 2209.10556)

Magnetic flux response of non-Hermitian topological phases
Denner, M.M. and Schindler, F.
SciPost Phys. 14, 107 (2023) (arXiv:2208.11712)

Single monkey-saddle singularity of a Fermi surface and its instabilities
Aksoy, O.M., Chandrasekaran, A., Tiwari, A., Neupert, T., Chamon, C., and Mudry, C.
Phys. Rev. B 107, 205129 (2023) (arXiv:2302.04877)

Marginal quenches and drives in Tomonaga-Luttinger liquids
Datta, S., Lapierre, B., Moosavi, P., and Tiwari, A.
SciPost Phys. 14, 108 (2023) (arXiv:2206.11287)

Theory of glide symmetry protected helical edge states in a WTe2 monolayer
Bieniek, M., Väyrynen, J.I., Li, G., Neupert, T., and Thomale, R.
Phys. Rev. B 107, 195105 (2023) (arXiv:2209.09169)

Interaction Effects in a 1D Flat Band at a Topological Crystalline Step Edge
Wagner, G., Das, S., Jung, J., Odobesko, A., Küster, F., Keller, F., Korczak, J., Szczerbakow, A., Story, T., Parkin, S.S.P., Thomale, R., Neupert, T., Bode, M., and Sessi, P.
Nano Letters 23, 2476-2482 (2023) (arXiv:2209.06837)

Single-parameter variational wavefunctions for quantum Hall bilayers
Hu, Q., Neupert, T., and Wagner, G.

Electron-phonon coupling and competing Kekulé orders in twisted bilayer graphene
Kwan, Y.H., Wagner, G., Bultinck, N., Simon, S.H., Berg, E., and Parameswaran, S.A.

Superconductivity and Local Inversion-Symmetry Breaking
Fischer, M.H., Sigrist, M., Agterberg, D.F., and Yanase, Y.
Annual Review of Condensed Matter Physics 14, 153-172 (2023) (arXiv:2204.02449)

Emergent Edge Modes in Shifted Quasi-One-Dimensional Charge Density Waves
Zhang, S.-B., Liu, X., Hossain, M.S., Yin, J.-X., Hasan, M.Z., and Neupert, T.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 130, 106203 (2023) (arXiv:2204.06269)

Pinch-points to half-moons and up in the stars: The kagome skymap
Kiese, D., Ferrari, F., Astrakhantsev, N., Niggemann, N., Ghosh, P., Müller, T., Thomale, R., Neupert, T., Reuther, J., Gingras, M.J.P., Trebst, S., and Iqbal, Y.
Phys. Rev. Res. 5, L012025 (2023) (arXiv:2206.00264)

Variational Benchmarks for Quantum Many-Body Problems
Wu, D., Rossi, R., Vicentini, F., Astrakhantsev, N., Becca, F., Cao, X., Carrasquilla, J., Ferrari, F., Georges, A., Hibat-Allah, M., Imada, M., Läuchli, A.M., Mazzola, G., Mezzacapo, A., Millis, A., Moreno, J.R., Neupert, T., Nomura, Y., Nys, J., Parcollet, O., Pohle, R., Romero, I., Schmid, M., Silvester, J.M., Sorella, S., Tocchio, L.F., Wang, L., White, S.R., Wietek, A., Yang, Q., Yang, Y., Zhang, S., and Carleo, G.

Hyperbolic matter in electrical circuits with tunable complex phases
Chen, A., Brand, H., Helbig, T., Hofmann, T., Imhof, S., Fritzsche, A., Kießling, T., Stegmaier, A., Upreti, L.K., Neupert, T., Bzdus̆ek, T., Greiter, M., Thomale, R., and Boettcher, I.
Nature Communications 14, 622 (2023) (arXiv:2205.05106)

Superconductivity from repulsive interactions in Bernal-stacked bilayer graphene
Wagner, G., Kwan, Y.H., Bultinck, N., Simon, S.H., and Parameswaran, S.A.

Machine learning assisted discovery of exotic criticality in a planar quasicrystal
Gökmen, D.E., Biswas, S., Huber, S.D., Ringel, Z., Flicker, F., and Koch-Janusz, M.


Topologically Localized Insulators
Lapierre, B., Neupert, T., and Trifunovic, L.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 129, 256401 (2022) (arXiv:2110.14651)

Hyperbolic Topological Band Insulators
Urwyler, D.M., Lenggenhager, P.M., Boettcher, I., Thomale, R., Neupert, T., and Bzdus̆ek, T.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 129, 246402 (2022) (arXiv:2203.07292)

Heat capacity double transitions in time-reversal symmetry broken superconductors
R\o{}ising, H.S., Wagner, G., Roig, Mercè, R\o{}mer, A.T., and Andersen, B.M.
Phys. Rev. B 106, 174518 (2022) (arXiv:2209.03896)

Switchable chiral transport in charge-ordered kagome metal CsV3Sb5
Guo, C., Putzke, C., Konyzheva, S., Huang, X., Gutierrez-Amigo, M., Errea, I., Chen, D., Vergniory, M.G., Felser, C., Fischer, M.H., Neupert, T., and Moll, P.J.W.
Nature 611, 461--466 (2022) (arXiv:2203.09593)

Thermal and dissipative effects on the heating transition in a driven critical system
Choo, K., Lapierre, B., Kuhlenkamp, C., Tiwari, A., Neupert, T., and Chitra, R.
SciPost Phys. 13, 104 (2022) (arXiv:2205.02869)

Flat bands and band-touching from real-space topology in hyperbolic lattices
Bzdus̆ek, T. and Maciejko, J.
Phys. Rev. B 106, 155146 (2022) (arXiv:2205.11571)

Discovery of Charge Order and Corresponding Edge State in Kagome Magnet FeGe
Yin, J.-X., Jiang, Y.-X., Teng, X., Hossain, Md.S., Mardanya, S., Chang, T.-R., Ye, Z., Xu, G., Denner, M.M., Neupert, T., Lienhard, B., Deng, H.-B., Setty, C., Si, Q., Chang, G., Guguchia, Z., Gao, B., Shumiya, N., Zhang, Q., Cochran, T.A., Multer, D., Yi, M., Dai, P., and Hasan, M.Z.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 129, 166401 (2022) (arXiv:2203.01888)

Hilbert space fragmentation in a 2D quantum spin system with subsystem symmetries
Khudorozhkov, A., Tiwari, A., Chamon, C., and Neupert, T.
SciPost Phys. 13, 098 (2022) (arXiv:2107.09690)

Low-temperature magnetic crossover in the topological kagome magnet TbMn6Sn6
Mielke III, C., Ma, W.L., Pomjakushin, V., Zaharko, O., Sturniolo, S., Liu, X., Ukleev, V., White, J.S., Yin, J.-X., Tsirkin, S.S., Larsen, C.B., Cochran, T.A., Medarde, M., Porée, V., Das, D., Gupta, R., Wang, C.N., Chang, J., Wang, Z.Q., Khasanov, R., Neupert, T., Amato, A., Liborio, L., Jia, S., Hasan, M.Z., Luetkens, H., and Guguchia, Z.
Communications Physics 5, 107 (2022) (arXiv:2101.05763)

Hamiltonian reconstruction as metric for variational studies
Zhang, K., Lederer, S., Choo, K., Neupert, T., Carleo, G., and Kim, E.-A.
SciPost Phys. 13, 063 (2022) (arXiv:2102.00019)

New type of helical topological superconducting pairing at finite excitation energies
Bahari, M., Zhang, S.-B., Li, C.-A., Choi, S.-J., Timm, C., and Trauzettel, Björn

Topological zero-dimensional defect and flux states in three-dimensional insulators
Schindler, F., Tsirkin, S.S., Neupert, T., Andrei Bernevig, B., and Wieder, B.J.
Nature Communications 13, 5791 (2022) (arXiv:2207.10112)

Anomalous gapped boundaries between surface topological orders in higher-order topological insulators and superconductors with inversion symmetry
Li, M.-H., Neupert, T., Parameswaran, S.A., and Tiwari, A.
Phys. Rev. B 106, 125121 (2022) (arXiv:2203.01957)

Evidence of a room-temperature quantum spin Hall edge state in a higher-order topological insulator
Shumiya, N., Hossain, M.S., Yin, J.-X., Wang, Z., Litskevich, M., Yoon, C., Li, Y., Yang, Y., Jiang, Y.-X., Cheng, G., Lin, Y.-C., Zhang, Q., Cheng, Z.-J., Cochran, T.A., Multer, D., Yang, X.P., Casas, B., Chang, T.-R., Neupert, T., Yuan, Z., Jia, S., Lin, H., Yao, N., Balicas, L., Zhang, F., Yao, Y., and Hasan, M.Z.
Nature Materials 21, 1111--1115 (2022) (arXiv:2110.05718)

Symmetry breaking and spectral structure of the interacting Hatano-Nelson model
Zhang, S.-B., Denner, M.M., Bzdus̆ek, T., Sentef, M.A., and Neupert, T.
Phys. Rev. B 106, L121102 (2022) (arXiv:2201.12653)

Delicate topology protected by rotation symmetry: Crystalline Hopf insulators and beyond
Nelson, A., Neupert, T., Alexandradinata, A., and Bzdus̆ek, T.
Phys. Rev. B 106, 075124 (2022) (arXiv:2111.09365)

Evidence of a two-component order parameter in 4Hb-TaS2 in the Little-Parks effect
Almoalem, A., Feldman, I., Shlafman, M., Yaish, Y.E., Fischer, M.H., Moshe, M., Ruhman, J., and Kanigel, A.

Triple nodal points characterized by their nodal-line structure in all magnetic space groups
Lenggenhager, P.M., Liu, X., Neupert, T., and Bzdus̆ek, T.
Phys. Rev. B 106, 085128 (2022) (arXiv:2201.08404)

NetKet 3: Machine Learning Toolbox for Many-Body Quantum Systems
Vicentini, F., Hofmann, D., Szabó, A., Wu, D., Roth, C., Giuliani, C., Pescia, G., Nys, J., Vargas-Calderón, V., Astrakhantsev, N., and Carleo, G.
SciPost Phys. Codebases 7 (2022) (arXiv:2112.10526)

Universal higher-order bulk-boundary correspondence of triple nodal points
Lenggenhager, P.M., Liu, X., Neupert, T., and Bzdus̆ek, T.
Phys. Rev. B 106, 085129 (2022) (arXiv:2104.11254)

Van Hove tuning of AV3Sb5 kagome metals under pressure and strain
Consiglio, A., Schwemmer, T., Wu, X., Hanke, W., Neupert, T., Thomale, R., Sangiovanni, G., and Di Sante, D.
Phys. Rev. B 105, 165146 (2022) (arXiv:2111.09342)

Simulating hyperbolic space on a circuit board
Lenggenhager, P.M., Stegmaier, A., Upreti, L.K., Hofmann, T., Helbig, T., Vollhardt, A., Greiter, M., Lee, C.H., Imhof, S., Brand, H., Kiessling, T., Boettcher, I., Neupert, T., Thomale, R., and Bzdus̆ek, T.
Nature Communications 13, 4373 (2022) (arXiv:2109.01148)

On the separation of Hall and Ohmic nonlinear responses
Tsirkin, S.S. and Souza, I.
SciPost Phys. Core 5, 39 (2022) (arXiv:2106.06522)

Skyrmions in Twisted Bilayer Graphene: Stability, Pairing, and Crystallization
Kwan, Y.H., Wagner, G., Bultinck, N., Simon, S.H., and Parameswaran, S.A.
Phys. Rev. X 12, 031020 (2022) (arXiv:2112.06936)

Unveiling Unequivocal Charge Stripe Order in a Prototypical Cuprate Superconductor
Choi, J., Wang, Q., Jöhr, S., Christensen, N.B., Küspert, J., Bucher, D., Biscette, D., Fischer, M.H., Hücker, M., Kurosawa, T., Momono, N., Oda, M., Ivashko, O., Zimmermann, M.v., Janoschek, M., and Chang, J.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 128, 207002 (2022) (arXiv:2009.06967)

Neural network evolution strategy for solving quantum sign structures
Chen, A., Choo, K., Astrakhantsev, N., and Neupert, T.
Phys. Rev. Research 4, L022026 (2022) (arXiv:2111.06411)

Construction of low-energy symmetric Hamiltonians and Hubbard parameters for twisted multilayer systems using ab initio input
Davydov, A., Choo, K., Fischer, M.H., and Neupert, T.
Phys. Rev. B 105, 165153 (2022) (arXiv:2012.12942)

Higher-order topological superconductors from Weyl semimetals
Jahin, A., Tiwari, A., and Wang, Y.
SciPost Phys. 12, 53 (2022) (arXiv:2103.05010)

Global Phase Diagram of the Normal State of Twisted Bilayer Graphene
Wagner, G., Kwan, Y.H., Bultinck, N., Simon, S.H., and Parameswaran, S.A.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 128, 156401 (2022) (arXiv:2109.09749)

Uniaxial pressure induced stripe order rotation in La1.88Sr0.12CuO4
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