Pixel tracking detector

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Pixel trackersThe trajectory of charged particles can be determined precisely with a pixel detector.

CMS phase-one pixel detector

Barrel Pixel detector supply tubes, being constructed and tested at UZH

The barrel pixel detector supply tubes being assembled and tested at UZH in 2016.  The supply tubes are responsible for powering, cooling, controlling, and digital-optical signal conversion of the detector modules.  

CMS Phase-two pixel detector

Phase 2 detector
Cross-section of the new CMS pixel detector, to be completed in 2024. The University of Zurich will be working with the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) to make the TEPX, which adds new forward tracking capabilities to CMS.  


Making a silicon pixel detector

Our group is currently working on the following : 

  • Sensors with high signal to noise, that can withstand the highest levels of radiation
  • Supplying high voltage, low voltage, and reading out signals from detectors
  • Moving signals from detector modules out of the detector
  • Light-weight cooling of detector using two-phase CO2
  • Light-weight mechanics to support detector modules, cooling, electronics