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Physik-Institut Correlated Quantum Matter


Workshop "Wellenspiele" ('Playing with waves") at the Kinder-Universität Zürich

Together with the Kinder-Universität and the Paul Scherrer Institute, we have designed the workshop "Wellenspiele" for children in the age 10-12 with the aim of playfully demonstrating to them how light- and particle waves may be used to investigate materials.

Through the LENS


In the foreword to the May 2022 Newsletter of LENS explain how European collaboration among various neutron centres is advancing technology for neutron science.

Inaugural Lecture of Marc Janoschek: "Glimpses into Quantum Matter on the Atomic Scale"

Inaugural Lecture Marc Janoschek


Articles & Interviews about the European Spallation Source

Marc Janoschek in front of ESTIA's Chopper Assembly


Thinking in different time frames

In this interview, I explain the importance of the substantial Swiss investment into European Spallation Source that is currently under construction in Lund, Sweden, and discuss scientific challenges we will tackle with this brand-new large-scale research facility.


The world’s most powerful neutron microscope

A nice article describing some of the work that we are to contribute to the instrumentation of the European Spallation Source that is currently under construction in Lund, Sweden.


A Community of Electrons

Community of electrons

In some solids, multiple electrons (or in some
cases, all of them) coordinate their behavior, saving energy by acting together. This is a key aspect of correlated quantum materials studied in our group. In my time at Los Alamos National Laboratory, I showed that this is also central for the understanding of plutonium metal. This nice article based on an interview with me explains this "community of electrons" in more detail.