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Physik-Institut Group of Laura Baudis

Marta Babicz

Marta Babicz, Dr.

  • Postdoc
+41 44 635 57 92
Room number
Y-36 K 40

Before joining the Laura Baudis group, Marta was a doctoral student at the CERN Neutrino Platform/EP-NU. She completed her PhD in Physics at the H. Niewodniczanski Institute of Nuclear Physics in Krakow. Her PhD thesis subject was related to the ICARUS detector with a focus on its light detection and trigger systems. While at CERN, she was also involved in several R&D projects related to studying the LAr TPC properties. She also developed a way of using the PMT information for event filtering in large LAr TPC by applying deep learning methods.

Marta's research interests include searches for rare events like neutrino and dark matter interactions, developing new detection technologies and applying novel methods in data analysis. Besides science, she enjoys various sports (cardio/fitness, tennis, squash, bouldering/climbing, running and Thai boxing), practising yoga, traveling and spending time in Nature.