Open positions and bachelor/master topics

Note: We do not have open PhD or postdoc positions at present.


We offer several topics for bachelor and master theses, in the framework of our research projects. Examples are: tests of new photosensors in liquid xenon and argon at UZH; measurements of charge and light yield with a small xenon time projection chamber in our laboratory; material screening with a high-purity Ge detector at LNGS; data analysis of XENON1T and GERDA data; data analysis of a modulation experiment operated in our laboratory; MC simulations for the DARWIN demonstrator and for LEGEND; hardware projects in the framework of Xenoscope; etc.


Please have a look at this file for some details, and contact one of us for details about possible projects.


We currently offer a bachelor or master thesis project on data analysis for the MODULATION experiment, see Project flyer (PDF, 195 KB)