Schrödinger Colloquium

A new series of special physics colloquia in honor of Erwin Schroedinger, who was a professor at UZH from 1921 to 1927. Lectures are intended for a broad audience from the Faculty of Science, aiming at experts and non-experts.


Universität Zürich, Physik-Institut Irchel Campus
Seminar Room: Y16 G15
Time: 16:00
Refreshements after lecture
Organized by    L. Baudis, F. Canelli

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2016 Series

October 24 Chris Quigg
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
What Quarkonium Taught Me about the Schroedinger Equation, and vice versas ​ quigg
September 23 Lawrence Krauss
Arizona State University
Journey to the Beginning of Time: Gravitational Waves and Turning Metaphysics into Physics ​ ​ krauss
June 6
Paul Chaikin
New York University
Random Organization, Hyperuniformity and Photonic Bandgaps ​ chaikin
May 30 Mark Trodden
University of Pennsylvania
Embracing the Dark Side: In Search of the Missing Pieces of the Cosmic Puzzles  trodden


2015 Series

December 7 David Kirby
Manchester University
Lab coats in Hollywood: scientist' impact on cinema's, cinema's impact on science ​​ kriby
November 2 Joe Silk
Oxford University and John Hopkins University
The limits of cosmology ​​ silk
October 19 Katherine Freese
Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics
The dark side of the Universe ​​ freese
September 18 Andreas Wallraff
ETH Zurich
A quantum mechanics lab on a chip ​​ kriby
March 2 Belen Gavela
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
The misterious flavors of the Universe ​​ gavela


2014 Series

December 1 Rocky Kolb
University of Chicago
Erwin Schroedinger's alarming phenomenon  kolb
November 17 Sean Carroll
Caltech University
Quantum mechanics and cosmology in very large Universes  carroll