Experimental Particle and Astro-Particle Physics Seminar

Monday 14:00

UZH Irchel Y16 G05 (tbc), CERN TBD

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Current Program - Autumn 2017

25 September        
02 October Craig Group - University of Virginia

Searching for charged-lepton violation in the muon sector

  F. Canelli
09 October Claudia Seitz - University of Zurich

Searches for strong SUSY in CMS


During 2016 the LHC delivered an unprecedented  amount of proton-proton collision data at a center-of-mass energy of 13 TeV, which is the basis for the latest results of the CMS collaboration. 

This review will focus on strong production of squarks and gluinos and discuss experimental techniques and interpretations of the results in terms of simplified SUSY models.

  F. Canelli
16 October        
23 October

F. Meloni - University of Geneva

TBA   F. Canelli
30 October

Tina Pollmann - TU Munich

First results from the DEAP-3600 single-phase liquid argon Dark Matter experiment

  L. Baudis
06 November L. Skinnari - Cornell University TBA   F. Canelli
13 November  


20 November Tilman Plehn - Heidelberg University Rise of the Tagging Machines   T. Gehrmann
27 November Davide Pinci - INFN Roma GEM Optical Readout for a High Resolution TPC   O. Steinkamp
04 December Heinrich Paes - TU Dortmund LNV   L. Baudis
11 December  


18 December Y. Takahashi - University of Zurich TBA   B. Kilminster