Experimental Particle and Astro-Particle Physics Seminar

Monday 12:00

UZH Y16 G05 - Irchel Campus, CERN 42-R-407

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Current Program - Spring 2017

20 Febraury        
27 February        
06 March Mauro Pieroni
(Laboratoire AstroParticule et Cosmologie / Université Paris Diderot)

Universality classes for inflation and primordial GW from pseudoscalar inflation.

My seminar is divided in two parts:
In the first part of my seminar I propose a classification of inflationary models by using the most basic property of inflation: the approximate scaling invariance. This framework relies on the possibility of describing inflation in terms of a renormalization group equation. The slow rolling regime in this context is interpreted as the slow evolution close to a fixed point. In this framework we can thus explain in part the universality observed in the predictions of a certain number of inflationary models.
In the second part of my seminar I discuss the possibility of generating an observable gravitational wave (GW) background by coupling a pseudoscalar inflaton to some abelian gauge fields. The analysis is performed by dividing inflationary models into universality classes. One of the most promising scenarios is Starobinsky-like inflation, which may lead to observable signatures both in direct GW detectors as well as in upcoming CMB detectors. The complementarity between CMB and direct GW detection may be used to extract informations on the microphysics of inflation.

  Ph. Jetzer
13 March        
20 March        
27 March

Franz Muheim

(University of Edinburgh)

The beauty quark at 40

In 1977 the beauty or b quark was discovered at Fermilab. Since then this new particle has continued to surprise us. I will shortly review a few of the major results obtained from measurements involving b-quarks. Furthermore, I will report on results from the LHCb experiment which is collecting huge samples of decays from decays of particles containing b-quarks, including CP violation, rare decays and exotic spectroscopy. I'll then present a forward look for physics with  b-quarks, including the potential of the upgrades of the LHCb experiments.

03 April        
10 April Jan Conrad (

Stockholm University)

    F. Canelli
17 April        
24 April        
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