The conference program consists of invited plenary talks and topical parallel sessions. The detailed program can be found on our indico webpage.

Link to the program:

The sessions and their conveners are:

Parton Distribution:
Juan Rojo (Theory)
Kirstin Lohwasser (ATLAS)
Stephen Farry (LHCb )

Monte Carlo:
Emanuele Re (Theory)
Deepak Kar (ATLAS)
Luca Perrozzi (CMS)
Gloria Corti (LHCb)

Heavy Quarks:
David Heymes (Theory)
Carlos Lourenco (CMS)
Ivan Belyaev (LHCb)

Hard QCD+EW:
Gionata Luisoni (Theory)
Arantxa Ruiz Martinez (ATLAS)
Fabio Cossutti (CMS)
Wouter Hulsbergen (LHCb)

Higgs Physics:
Stefan Liebler (Theory)
Paolo Meridiani (CMS)
Carl Gwilliam (ATLAS)