ACES Workshop

Fundamental and applied science
with clocks and cold atoms in space

University Zurich, Switzerland — June 29 & 30, 2017


Travelling to Zurich

Zurich can easily be reached by plane (Airport Zurich Kloten: ZRH) or international trains like TGV, ICE (Station: Zurich HB).

Getting from the airport to the city

Use train ICN IC IR S2 S16 to get to the city centre / main station (approx 10min, station Zurich HB). Alternatively you can leave at Oerlikon and take tram 10 or 14 to get directly to the Irchel campus (approx 20min, station Milchbuck).

Make sure you have the public transport ticket ready in case of a ticket control. For the transfer, please get a ticket for 3 zones before before entering the tram/train (press destination Zurich HB on the vending machine).

The conference takes place at the Irchel Campus of University of Zurich. It's located on the foot of the Zurich-Berg (Zurich-Mountain), in the beautiful Irchel Park.

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Getting to the Conference / Irchel campus

Use tram number 7, 9, 10 or 14 or busses 69 or 72 to the stops Universität Irchel or Milchbuck. Then follow the signs through the park to the University of Zurich Irchel Campus. For detailed information, check the timetable.

From the tams stations Milchbuck or Universität Irchel, just follow the signs through the park to the Irchel Campus. (It's a 10min walk, there are a few stairs)

Alternativly, for the mobility impaired, please note that usually at least every second tram is wheelchair friendly accessible. Exit at the station Universität Irchel and follow the blue line on the map below. Follow the sidewalk on the street level into the parking house / gymn halls (ASVZ). Under the bridge, at the runabout turn right. Stay on the right side of the underground parking field and enter the main building, taking the elevator to floor G.

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Finding the conference rooms

Take one of the main entrances and follow the signs for "Hörsaal 20" (it's in building 16, on the left hand side; ground floor level "G")

plan of irchel floor g

Travelling in / around Zurich

We highly recommend using public transports.

Public Transports

Zurich has a unified public transport system (ZVV): one ticket is valid for all means of transportation like trains, busses, trams, trolleys and ships. Please make sure to get a ticket before entering the vehicle. Tickets can be bought at every stops (using Swiss Francs or Debit Card). Connections usually run every 7 to 15 minutes.
There are 3 kind of tickets:

  • Short range (CHF 2.60) "Nahstrecke"
    Valid for travelling only a few stops in one direction, for half an hour.
  • Single Ticket (CHF 4.30) "Einzelbillet"
    Valid for travelling in the city for one hour.
  • Day Pass (CHF 8.60) "Tageskarte"
    Valid for travelling in the city for one day (24 hours).

Each of those can be bought as a single ticket, or as a multiple-journey ticket ("Mehrfahrten Karte") with 6 journeys and 10% discount. The multiple-journey ticket has to be validated each time before entering the vehicle at the vending machine.


Taxis are quite expensive. Expect to pay from CHF 20.– upwards even for short rides; around CHF 40.– for a trip from the airport to Irchel.
Some companies: TAXI444 (+41 44 444 44 44) or 7x7 Taxi (+41 44 777 77 77).


We don't recommend arriving by car in Zurich. There is a carpark at Irchel, but expect to pay CHF [parking_duration_in_hours + 1]. Finding parking spots in the city is only for the brave, but some hotel offer parking places.
Further information.